WATCH: Is the ASUS ROG Ally the Ultimate Gaming Handheld?

WATCH: Is the ASUS ROG Ally the Ultimate Gaming Handheld?

It’s understandable why the ASUS ROG Ally is getting much hype: aside from having specs that are significantly way better than the Steam Deck, ASUS is giving it a very competitive price—at least in the US—at $700 or roughly around Php 40k for the Ryzen Z1 Extreme version that has 512GB PCIe 4.0 storage and 16GB RAM.

We got our hands on the ROG Ally ahead of its official launch in the Philippines, and we can say that ASUS does deliver its promise when it comes to specs and features gamers would look for in a portable handheld—especially with its 7-inch Full HD 120hz display, XBox-based control layout, and support for different gaming platforms with its use of Windows 11.

While it has its fair share of cons—one of them being is rather short battery life, it’s still decent and capable for a first generation device, and it seems ASUS is in the right direction for the ROG Ally.

With all of those things considered—including the possibility that it might be more expensive in the Philippines—is the ROG Ally the best gaming handheld that’s available in the market?

Watch more about our general impressions with it in our video below:

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