BIR Wants Online Sellers to Register their Businesses

BIR also encourages them to declare previous transactions

In its bid to increase revenue collection, BIR issued a memorandum yesterday, directing all online sellers and digital-based businesses to register their activities on or before July 31.

In the said memorandum, BIR said that this directive is part of complying with “the provisions of Section 236 of the Tax Code”, adding that digital-based businesses are tax compliant. BIR’s directive also covers payment gateways, delivery channels, internet service providers, and other facilitators.

Aside from registering their activities, BIR highly encourages digital-based businesses to voluntarily declare previous transactions and pay for their respective taxes on or before July 31. Those who fail to comply at BIR’s given deadline will incur penalties.

Prior to this, both representatives from Congress and the Senate proposed that video and music streaming apps, as well as ads on social media and online sales platforms, should pay taxes.


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  1. BIR should make tax payment as simple as possible instead of the current stupidity of having to fill out paperwork in triplicate, file OCRs, and stand in a line in a bank for more than half a day.

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