FoodPanda Philippines Is Allegedly Losing Restaurant Partners Due To Complaints

by Nathan Reyes  January 13, 2022

Online food delivery service FoodPanda is embroiled in another controversy, as complaints in the Philippines against its policies, as well as how much money it charges its partner restaurants, have begun to become viral on social media. As COVID cases in the Philippines surge and as demand for delivery services increase along with it, it seems complaints against the company have ballooned the past few months.

Complainants usually take to social media to vent out their frustrations with the application, some unifying under the hashtag #DeleteFoodpanda. One post that gained traction is by Mama Dith’s, a Filipino restaurant in Antipolo. According to a Facebook post by their page, the courier company has taken as much as 39% of their revenue and then some, for “administration fees.” The usual 2-week handover of sales fees also turned into 2 months, a whopping 4 times longer. When the restaurant wanted to complain through the application’s channels, they were met with unresponsive or open-ended replies. Only when the threat of the DTI emerged were they willing to cooperate.

Intro to the post by JIM’s Pairs and Hot Mommy 

Another example is this post by JIM’s Pairs and Hot Mommy Valenzuela, a local chain of restaurants. They keep the post short and sweet, summarizing their breakup with the platform in 3 main points: Monthly hidden charges, extremely high platform fee, and customers canceling orders at the last minute even if these have left the restaurant.

Rajput Halal Pak Cuisine, a restaurant from Paranaque, also added that their profits sometimes get cut down to half for no apparent reason. Promos are also forcibly implemented on them without consent, further lessening their margins and sending them into the red. Other posts by personal accounts testify to these as well.

To add insult to injury, it appears that it’s not only the restaurants that are experiencing a myriad of issues. A report by SunStar Davao illustrated the experiences of around 200 foodpanda riders who went on a silent protest due to unclear computations, only to be “offloaded” by administrators for a “breach of contract and affecting the ecosystem.”

Screenshots of unhappy customers

Customers aren’t spared from the nightmare as well, with stories of deliveries never arriving, ghost transactions, but these situations result in the company disappearing when asked for the refund (most of the time). If you’re curious, you can check Facebook, Twitter, or even ComplaintsDB for more.

At this point, it can be said that FoodPanda is trying its best to respond to complaints in the Philippines. However, these efforts appear to be severely lacking as countless issues slip through the cracks – leading to walkouts from riders, restaurants, and customers alike. Restaurants are beginning to realize that their sales are better off without FoodPanda support, and competition isn’t a walk in the park either. We just hope that they can get their act together in order to maintain some sort of respectability before it goes further downhill.

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    re: Dominos.. Dominos is a large chain and isn’t really integrated with foodpanda. You place an order and it is basically passed to them entirely. You can’t even track their drivers in the app. That would explain the inability to edit. For integrated restaurants, upon choosing an item it offers remove, cancel order, or call me. I’ve gotten refunds immediately to paypal. When I had an order complaint they gave me a voucher equal to the value of the food. Grab is good also, so I don’t care overall. Wherever my restaurants choose to be.

    Foodpanda is the absolute worse when it comes to delivery.
    We stopped using restaurants that used foodpanda a long time ago.

    Akala ko kaming mga nag o order lang ang nauutakan ng food panda . Pati pala mga resto. Sila lang talaga ang kumikita. Why like this foodpanda ph? ?

    Foodpanda is good sometimes even better than grab especially when handling complaints. Daming engot na staffs na kundi mali ang binigay eh palpak ang packaging resulting to spillage. I spend 30k average on foodpanda every month and order almost everyday at their partner restaurants and pandamart. Hindi porket si ogie diaz ang umiiyak eh valid and credible na. I dont usually buy from small stores but if they are moaning about fees then obviously they cant afford it and can simply evaporate.

    Same experience with Foodpanda. No hassle refunds plus may complimentary vouchers din for errors na most of the time ay kasalanan ng restaurant.

    Tapos iiyak ka dyan kapag yung mga favorite stores and restos mo na mag pullout dahil di maganda treatment sa kanila.

    And that’s not even including yung borderline to plain abusive treatment nila sa mga delivery riders nila. Though your matapobre tone makes it sound you’re not ready for that conversation.

    Hindi naman porkit umiyak si oggie diaz ay required na tanggalin ang foodpanda sa pinas ng dahil sa foodpnda madmi silang natulungang tao kaya wag ka mag papa apekto sa mga basher foodpanda pinas kasi to madami talagang toxic dito at isa pa hindi naman po lahat ng restaurant ay nagrereklamo nakadpende din kasi ata na bawasan si vendor pag my cancel si rider, sana foodpanda wag basta basta kasi madaming tao ang ipinagpalit nila ang trabaho nila sa foodpanda madami kanang natulungan, ngayon kapa ba sususko kung nagrereklamo ang ibang vendor edi umalis sila hindi nman lahat ay nagrereklamo, dati my mga umalis na na mga vendor sa foodpanda pero bumalik din sila kasi nga pandimec hindi sila mabintahan, kaya goodjob tlaga na nandito sa foodpanda para narin iwas covid19

    Fanweeb hahaha. Who spends that much money para sa food? Luto ka rin minsan.

    Staffs. Hahaha. Maraming tungkod.

    39%, no matter how large or small your income, is still a sizable chunk of income that has been taken away from retailers.

    These small scale retailers shouldn’t evaporate. You should. Better yet, you can burn along with your misguided, narcissistic beliefs.

    Not sure pero based on my experience as a customer, hindi rin naging maganda back in 2020-2021. Mas safe pa rin pala mag-order sa Grab kasi halimbawang hindi available ‘yung isang item order, papalitan nalang ng same value ng item.

    Phew. Ggs Food Panda.

    Ay talaga ba? No respect for small business owner lang? Sa sobrang yaman mo siguro di mo na alam ang hirap na pinagdadaanan ng ng mga small businesses. Nakakahiya naman sa mga privileged na kagaya mo. Di ka pa maunang mag-evaporate.

    Hilasa ba. Food panda is not fair. Just ask the resto owners, riders and customers. This is me saying it as I have a first hand knowledge from all three users. They are rendering services, hence, the quality should be at par to what are expected from them. Lucky you for not having a bad experience from. But just bec you did not have experienced their inability to provide good customer service does not mean it is not true to other FP users. Kilabutan ka sa pinagsasasabi mong evaporate chuchu. What these complainants want are fair trade you obviously know nothing about. Quit being a stuck up brat. Di mo yan ikagaganda. ?

    30k Ave monthly? Lol. Staffs? Lol. Di mo kami maloloko foodpanda. Madami ka na ka-kumpetensya kaya pwedeng pwede na talaga umalis mga businesses sayo. Napaka matapobre mo eh feelingero ka lang naman, as if naman may ganyan kang pera. Wag masyado mataas kasi mas masakit ang bagsak nyan.

    I dropped them 2 years ago. Worst customer service. Reason they are using the cheapest call centers available. This equals today’s results.

    My family orders from Foodpanda 3x a week.

    * Lots of discounts and vouchers daily!
    * Mas mura Delivery Fee kaysa Grab
    * Mas mura prices, ang laki ng patong ng Grab pag na compare nyo sa Original Price sa Resto.
    * When there’s a wrong order or spilled food they require a picture or proof but they WILL refund you 100%!

    Hindi totoo yan sabi nung isang store sa article, patay gutom daw na nag Cancel Order pero kinain na yun food. ONCE THE RESTO STARTS COOKING the food, you can’t cancel the order anymore! So pano nangyari yun kinain ng customer tapos saka nag cancel haha.

    Customer-wise, 90 to 100% satisfaction rate ni Panda.

    To the Restaurant Owners, ganyan talaga if you want better exposure and more customer reach you need to pay a premium for the Platform.

    Also check nyo kung yun food nyo panget packaging baka natatapon pag dating sa customer kaya ang dami nyo added fees.

    I ordered something on foodpanda back on september of 2021 using my debit card. They charged my card, and then may isa palang unavailable sa whole order. I was adviced to coordinate with foodpanda in regards to the refund, and then foodpanda told me to call my bank for dispute. When i called my bank they said na hindi pa daw nirerelease ng foodpanda ung temporary hold and they cant do dispute so i had to get help from foodpanda hanggang sa di ko na nakuha ung pera ko. And then dinedecline na ni foodpanda ung debit card ko kahit may laman naman kaya puro gcash at cod transactions na lang ako pwede

    hindi lng ho sa mga partner vendor po lalo n po s mga rider gipit n gipit s fare kaya daming rider n umalis n at iniwan n ang food panda. kasi lagi nilang sinasabi sa mga rider n mdaling palitan kaya kht sobrang baba ng gngwa nilang fare at ang pick up drop ng item almost 10km magkano lng ibibigay nila okay lng. ksi mdami daw sila ipapalit n rider n kayang mag tiis s fare nilang akala ko limos nlng

    I refuse to use food panda. The charge is to much. Some cases it cost as much as what you order. Plus the drivers they hire just don’t apply the safety rule of driving. The are speeding all the time, think they have The right away. Oh I can keep going on about the drivers, but want. I all complained once to Foodpanda PH ABOUT THE DEIVERS..

    I stopped using FoodPanda as buyer since they charged me ?1.2k for unavailable food items which my actual order that arrived should have been just ?300. In the end I just got vouchers as refund for my ACH payment. Bad App, greedy company.

    I deleted FoodPanda because it does not recognize my new cellphone despite my old number. I am asked to use another number,which I do not have.

    As a customer I’ve never had a problem with Food Panda in Cabanatuan City. They have a good selection of restaurants to choose from and food deliveries arrive promptly and hot. I only ever cancelled one order and while I did have to wait several weeks for a refund to my card, it did appear with no further action except my initial cancellation of the order on the app. If you order COD, refunds can’t even be an issue.

    I also had a bad experience with FoodPanda. I ordered from a Wendy’s outlet. After the order was accepted, the driver said there was something wrong with the messaging and navigation system. He needed my number. Unfortunately, and stupidly, I did. After some time, a so-called customer called complaining about their order. This puzzled us. Soon after, my order was cancelled and someone saying they are the Wendy’s manager messaged that they can still push through with the order, but instead of paying in FoodPanda, we should pay through their GCash number instead. We called them up and for awhile he seemed legit, even saying that they were outside our house already. When we checked, they weren’t. And we we became antagonistic, he too became fired up. We eventually called up Wendy’s and the real manager said that they don’t know the person and that the order was received by the driver but was eventually cancelled. Apparently, that was their scam. The drivers get the orders, for some reason is able to cancel the order, and take both the order and the money. Unfortunately for the driver, he only took the food. Even more unfortunate is Wendy’s, who was scammed out of the food and the money.

    Magnanakaw yan. Mag.cha.charge ng para sa food kahit di dumating. Di ibabalik ung pera. Pwede ka.kontsaba din ang driver. Kunwari hindi alam yung lugar eh meron naman mapa. Di na hinatid, di pa binalik ang pera dahil daw online payment. Magnanakaw.

    We are a Foodpanda small vendor in Davao City. We started last 2020 with foodpanda during pandemic. Our sales were good enough and help us a lot. We are home based but we had documents, we are legal. But since June of 2021, our sales went down. Maybe because foodpanda vendors were too crowded and that most people were not depending on online deliveries that much because they can go to malls and anywhere to buy food. We accidentally join the pandabox promo,it really sucks because 75% of your profit goes to the promo. We asked to terminate the promotion and it took them 10days to delete it as they have their own reason and nothing we can do. We always check our sales and audit it, if there is a cancelled order we report it directly to help center/live chat on the device, explained our reason and made the order payable on our favor but they also return the payment to the customers because we asked them once (paid thru gcash). We join the hot deals 15% vendor, 5% foodpanda promo since June 2021. Foodpanda’s commission 27%. So to sum it up we gave 42% of our profit to customers (15%) and 27% to foodpanda.

    As we are 500-700+ Vendors In our area, we played it well because if we are not joining the deals then no one will buy from us in a day. We sell chicken, burgers, desserts, ice creams etc. And you can find our menus to others too and much cheaper. So we have to play the game. We are also available on grabfood but still, we get better sales from foodpanda than grab.

    As partner of Foodpanda, we have complaints and success stories too.
    But since, they made our deliveries easy for us and help us earn a living during pandemic and until now, i guess its a give and take process. Its like a game we should play it well. Good morning!

    Being a restaurant partner, it is somewhat favorable but you have to be vigilant with the transactions that you’re doing with them or else they will rob you?

    Food panda doesn’t even care to expand their area of service. I live in Quezon City but there’s only one or two restos to choose from them. It’s good that GRAB has a bigger chain of stores. #DELETEFOODPANDA

    same here,how many times,i paid them in advance thru debit..only,to my dismay,products are not available and they will just refund back my money,but until now,there were no refunds i recieve.And another incidents,we crave for burger and order from their apps,the rider dont seen my chat and never also called meon my phone,i keep waiting for my order to be delivered,but after an hour waiting, i just found out my order was cancelled,the reason? i was unreachable..and wrong locations.How come weong locations? when,im a regular costumer to them.How many food riders delivered to me already? and also,even you give them your full and well detailed address,the riders mostly dont follow it,and follow only the pin,sometimes,the pin direct them behind the firewall,so how can i take it?then,when i complained,they only replied me that they cant give refund,because the rider was waiting on me,keep calling for so long and no answer on the phone.My location cant be find.when the truth is,theres no phone calls from their rider,and my messeges wasnt read.So,eventually no refund at all..So,basically they just take my money.

    JIMS Pairs parang Jim Paredes lol

    Kung may problema ka, sa tao o kumpanya ka muna makipagdialogo, huwag sa social media agad iiyak. Yang Ogie Diaz di naman siya naging customer, narinig lang niya kamo yung balita, parang siya pa ang naagrabyado!

    Local restos had this same complaint last year that’s why I stopped supporting food panda. It’s not friendly for small business at all. Kaya I use grab or look for riders in an fb group than this app, I can just directly tip and pay the riders w/o cut and hidden charges.

    Ganyan din nangyari sa amin. Andito na raw sa harap namin pero di tumawag at kumatok sa gate un rider. Sa cell phone tumawag kaso low bat na un phone kaya nakapatay at di daw kami makontak. Bayad na un food kaya malakas loob na magcancel ng order. Tpos si food panda ayaw magrefund. Naatim nila na di isoli un pera ng customer na di naman nakuha un inorder na food. Makakarma din kayo?

    Food panda has good prices in regards of foods, but the delivery fees are too much. You order something worth 150 and the delivery fee is 79 pesos? Half of what you’re buying? There’s also the fact that I don’t think that food panda delivery drivers are trained to handle/deliver food, as my food always come in ruins/ spilled even if i specifically ask the store to package it correctly and securely (and they do).

    I stopped using Food Panda in May 2020 when my food delivery never arrived. When I asked Food Panda about the charge about a food delivery, they said that the complaint should be lodged within 3 days. That’s impossible when you get your credit card bill a month later. They never refunded me. I uninstalled the Food Panda app. I hope they close down.

    When every online delivery is thriving, Food Panda is making the best to make it worst. It’s top manager should resign for incompetence

    Fan pa naman ako ng foodpanda ’cause it’s actually cheaper when I compare it to Grab talaga.
    I’m not sure what to feel about this.
    It’s unfortunate if what they’re saying is true. Like I just rejoiced lately ’cause I can tip the riders via app na since I usually don’t have my cash on hand anymore.
    I’ve been using FP for 2 years and I didn’t get to experience not getting my money back when cancelled orders happen. It usually takes 3 days max to get a refund or resolve an issue when I complained about wrong chargings via twitter. One time, they even gave me a sorry voucher ’cause the food was taking so long when I didn’t even complain about it.
    When comapring this to my experience in Grab in which it took 2 weeks and 2 follow ups for me get a refund just because the rider didn’t edit my order.
    I’ve already paid a year subscription to FP Pro so I’ll just hope that I don’t get scammed. Maybe I’ll just tip in cash pa rin if they do really get a cut in the rider fees.
    I guess it’s a different story for every individual talaga.
    Though hopefully they’ll add in an edit button for the orders just like how they can in Grab for when something’s not available.
    A lot more improvements can be done on the foodpanda app and to their customer service. Hopefully they’ll be able to resolve and improve on these matters.

    Biased commentary naman siguro yung ibang complaints jan. Hindi naman lahat ng riders tulad ng sinasabi nila. Isa pa, yung ibang customers at ako paminsan naman talaga yung problema. We should not only blame them, but ourselves as well and restaurants din naman at mismong food panda company. First of all, kung kasalanan ng rider yan, may issue siguro sa dadaanan or simply kung hindi nila gusto mag deliver doon sa location, they can simply deny the order itself. At hindi naman nila kasalanan kung either hindi sumasagot ang customer sa tawag or kung unreachable tayo. Pa minsan kasi dapat din tayung mag monitor sa mismong mga order natin. Daming nag rereklamo tapos irresponsible naman din pala sa pag gamit ng app. Kahit may tracker na. Isa din tong restaurants pa minsan eh. although hindi naman talaga totally kasalanan yung minsang nangyayari pero liable din sila. Alam nilang ganyan yung kasulatan between food panda and them. Kung may adjustment sa pag receive ng totality of the sales. Edi e reklamo na nila kaagad. Para hindi na lumaki ulo ng food panda company. Last, yung food panda company mismo, totoo naman yung malaking pag taas ng delivery fees at napaka unfair nga din sa amin, na pinalakihan nila. Sana magawan naman nila ng adjustment with regards to that, kasi helpful naman talaga services nila pero kung napakamahal naman. Hindi na nakakabuluhan para sa mga maliit lang yung budget. I hope they eventually resolve this issue.

    Nope. Can’t delete this. The key is for them to improve not get cancelled for minor complaints. Ang hirap kasi sa Pinoy purp reklamo. I too had some unfavorable experiences as a customer but overall ok pa rin sila. Less and patong sa cost ng food and maraming credit card tie ups na promo. Si Grab mahal na nga base delivery fee ang laki pa ng patong sa food items. And I heard from grab drivers me “commission” pa sila pati sa tip.
    Daming complaints dito pero once its monopolized by Grab does anyone think gaganda ang sistema ng delivery nila? This is similar to Uber na matapos siraan umalis na lang ngayon sobrang mahal ng Grabcar. Sana mag-isip naman mga tao hindi cancel agad.

    May friend akong rider ni panda.. at merong na cacancel na order na ginagawa na nung resto/food chains, o di kaya dinideliver na kaya minsan may mga take home syang mga milk tea, burger at kung ano pa…

    May mga glitches din na minsan sa unang check out mo nag error sa app, tas mag check out ka ulit at dalawang order yung pumasok sa resto.

    At totoo nmn tlga na mataas din ang patong ni panda. Although not as high sa rate ni grab. Pero yung kaltas nila sa sales nung resto malaki. Okay lng pag mga jolibee or mcdo or yung ibang may consistently high na sales. Kasi kaya nila yung ganung terms nag agree sila dun bago pinasok si panda ee.

    Kung na disappoint mn sila sa panda or hindi sila nakaka profit sa panda, marami nmng ibang courier.. pwede din nmn mag provide sila ng delivery services nila kasi nag charge lng dn nmn sila nyan sa nag pa deliver.

    Di mo nmn ma sisi si panda, kasi negosyo din nmn nila yan. Kung di nyu gusto yung terms nila, edi wag. D nmn pinipilit yan ee. Before using the app may terms nmn yan jan na di nyu binasa pero nag agree kayo. Tas sasakit ulo nyu sa hidden charges and what not… hmmmm.

    I also had bad experience with them. I ordered items from Jollibee and then later on the driver called in said that the item is no longer available, and then he changed that they can make it but I have to wait for 30 min to an hour. No longer willing to wait since I already spent hour just to wait for my damn order. He advised me that he will just cancel my order and assured me that my money will be refunded back to my debit card but the fucking driver was so wrong. Food Panda said that the driver stated I cancelled the order! That I’m not eligible for refund since the restaurant already used their materials to create my order even tho I declined and just ask to simply refund my fucking money as what I was assured!

    parang nagiging scammer ang style ng food panda ah, suggest ko nlng sa mga restaurants mgkaroon nlng rin ng sariling delivery service, sa umpisa lang nmn kayo mamumuhunan pero mababawi nmn yan. Never nlng sa food panda

    Every week I ordered online foods thru Food Panda and so far to my experience, hindi paku nabudol or what. I paid COD and Gcash. Everything is good for me but not for everyone. I’m from Mindanao Province, Thanked maayos ang pamalakad didto sa foodpanda samin.

    I was lured to food panda pro by their interesting promos.
    Once paid, all I could realize it was just a scam, some franchise like burger king are permanently on panda pro promo, but offers absolutely no advantage, 0.
    The rest are minor restaurants or eateries, nothing interesting.

    Today, good panda rider even scolded my wife because it took her 5mn to get down to pick the delivery.

    Whatever, the prices are inflated by 20 to 30% compared to the real price, that’s already too much, especially when riders get such low income. Such service is normally charged between 10 and 15%. Really greedy, but grab isn’t better, but at least they don’t scam with fake pro promo.

    Hello Yes! Delete panda in the Philippines!
    They’re not accommodate the Vendor iniisip lang nila satisfaction of costumer kahit na Fraud order ikakaltas pa sa Vendor kapag Cash on delivery e sila nmn nag aacept ng Online order ng mga costumers!
    40% nlng IbibigY s Vendor!
    2. Magugulat ka nlng bakit ang baba ng sales kung anu- ano kaltas para madami costumer Dami alam na promo kuno kahit malugi n c Vendor.
    3. Rider also not good they not screen before they’re hired.
    Pati rider natuto n manloko sa Costumer and Vendor dahil do maayos ang policy about delivery ni Food panda.

    Sana may magtayo ng new food delivery din n maayos, trush worthy, realable, good policy & mababa lang ang percentage para makaya ng bawat mamayang pilipino this pandemic.

    Is this an attempt for Grab to monopolize? I order from food panda 7 times a week, yes everyday for the past 4 years. Only had bad experiences 3x. Twice from dominos because they prefer to deliver using their own drivers instead of food panda and once from bad packaging. I received refunds for a few orders for just minor mistakes, I never asked for a refund just a notice for the restaurant to improve upon next time and they gave me additional vouchers as a result. Restaurants should be able to afford the services foodpanda gives beforehand. Writing a crappy/jerk message on the internet? Is worth an article? Come on lol.