Jollibee Launches Augmented Reality App JolliDance Showdown

by Jamie Inocian  September 24, 2016

Jollibee has never failed to put a smile on people’s faces. If you’ve had a hard and stressful day, you could always find a bit of respite in a 2 pc. Chickenjoy Meal — with extra rice, if you’re feeling like you need to eat away your stress. The country’s largest fastfood chain is also a nice, simple place to share a meal with your family and what better way to extend the joy that Jollibee brings by bringing the experience into the digital age via their newly launched augmented reality app, Jollidance Showdown.


Come on! Who doesn’t smile when they see Jollibee dance?

Jollibee worked with Los Angeles-based mobile innovation agency, Trigger, to bring us their all-new mobile app. Trigger has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood (such as: Sony Pictures, Lionsgate Entertainment, and Lucas Arts) and realizes the importance of such an iconic part of Filipino culture and the joy of seeing Jollibee bust-a-move. This is why they have taken great care to bring the lovable persona to life in augmented reality to allow kids and kids-at-heart to have some interactive fun with the fastfood chain’s famous mascot.


An App and a Jolly Kiddy Meal Is All You Need!

The app is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is, of course, download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for free and head to you nearest Jollibee branch so you can purchase a Jolly Kiddy Meal and get the Jolly Joy Box it comes with. The app will ask you to then scan the box and it will be the base for all the AR fun you and your kids are about to have.


There are two modes for the app: one is a straight forward dance showdown with Jollibee and you avatar that you can customize with a quick selfie, and the second is the DJ for Jollibee mode where you can customize the tracks your avatar and Jollibee dance to based on the three music choices: Rock, Pop, and Electro. Once your avatar and Jollibee are getting down, you can either take snaps or even record the enitre performance to share with your friends online.


You can add more off the Jollibee squad into the mix by visiting any Jollibee branch where you can scan the yellow portion of their promo toppers at the cashier to unlock more friends to dance with in the AR app.


Limited Edition Collectibles from Jollibee

Jollibee also launched a new line of collectibles with the mobile app that pays tribute to our unique culture. There are 5 new limited edition Pinoy Collectibles that you get at P 150 for every Jollibee Value Meal purchase; these collectibles include: the Jollibee Jeepney, Twirlie Pinoy Sorbetes, Yum Kalesa Fun, Popo Carabao Farm, and the Hetty Vinta Getaway.

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