Here’s Why Two Factor Authentication is Important for Your Social Media Accounts

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There’s no such thing as a safe place right now

These days, practically everything that we do is dependent on the internet. Whether it may be emails, bank accounts, or social media, the internet has undoubtedly made our lives easier and more convenient.

However, convenience comes at a price: because billions of people are using the internet, that makes most, if not all, of us vulnerable to hacking and security breaches.

A number of online platforms fell victim to hacking. These include Uber, Yahoo, Facebook, and even our own Comelec database. The latest to fall victim to hacking is Whatsapp, where attackers use voicemail to hack to one’s Whatsapp account. The method is a decades-old technique, and modern messaging apps are vulnerable to it.

While remedies such as changing passwords are suggested during a data breach, the best way to protect one’s online account is through two-factor authentication. To those unfamiliar with it, two-factor authentication is a type of multi-step verification where you have another device to verify your log-in credentials other than your username and password. This secondary device can be anything ranging from your laptop or your mobile phone.

Aside from being an added layer of security, two-factor authentication informs you immediately if someone is trying to access your account, giving you enough time to report any suspicious activity.

So if you haven’t enable two-factor authentication to your online accounts or apps, make sure to do so (especially in messaging apps like Whatsapp), because there is no such thing as being too safe.

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