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Indian Company Interested In Becoming Third Telco

A result of Duterte’s trip to India

Aside from Chinese and Korean companies, an Indian outfit is interested in becoming the third telco in the Philippines.

“There’s a new application from an Indian company. India is also interested to enter into the telecom industry. And we are considering… I invited them during my talks with the businessmen of India during my official visit,” Duterte said in a speech at the induction of the new board of directors of the Federation of Indian Chambers.

The president went to the Indian capital last month in search for greater cooperation and investment with the subcontinent and was able to secure at least $1.25 billion in investment pledges in information technology and energy during his two-day official visit to the South Asian nation.

Talks are now ongoing with China Mobile who was earlier tagged by Duterte to become the nation’s third telco. Other potential contenders include a South Korean firm partnered with PT&T as well as another Chinese firm, ZTE. We will have to wait on the final decision as to who will be the third telco that will be entering the Philippines.


Source: ABS-CBN News

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  1. It doesn’t really matter what country it is, as long as they can provide better service than what we have right now.

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