LTFRB, you are Totally Missing the Point of Everything

by Duey Guison  August 23, 2017

Are you really listening to the needs of exhausted commuters?


It has been a week since LTFRB suspended Uber and for majority of us, that ruling feels like forever. There have been several alternatives to Uber, but both miCab and Arcade City (and even this new service called Dryb) can’t match the trust Uber and Grab have built with commuters. Personalities like motoring journalist James Deakin and vlogger Nas Daily have aired their concern about this mess LTFRB has created with its close-mindedness.

As we all clamor for progress in the country, particularly with public transport, it seems that the guys at LTFRB are going backwards when they dropped this infuriating statement regarding taxis in the country:

“We would like to get the help of transport planners and the expert of UP on how to calibrate giving or opening up more franchises again to address supply of taxi(s)… I mean, to put in more supply to in order to address demand.”LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra III


For crying out loud, Mr. Delgra, what are you thinking!? Are you that manhid and stubborn  to listen to the public’s general hatred for taxis? I mean just look at their disgust with what you have just said:

Have a heart, Mr. Delgra. As a public official, you should be listening to the public’s sentiments, and not confine yourself within the comforts of your office. Or maybe you should go ride a taxi for a week to understand what the public is pointing out.

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    Kupal talaga ang ltfrb Hindi nanga nakatulong nakaperwisyo pa Kaya walang improvement Ang pilipinas kasi lahat ng sistema ng gobyerno katulad nila kupal din.

    kung ano ang itsura ni mr. Delgra, ganun din itsura ng pamamalakad nya ng LTFRB. He5.

    hula ko lang, may mga interest silang (3 sa ltfrb) iniingatan. hula lang.

    baka naman kasi may plans silang magtayo ng taxi company kaya pinapadagdagan ang prankisa sa taxi. baka lang naman. he5