Malacañang reverts NCR to ECQ: Do’s and Dont’s Under ECQ

Malacañang reverts NCR to ECQ

Malacañang is placing the NCR and other surrounding areas back to Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ the strictest form of lockdown since the COVID 19 epidemic began a year ago. The ECQ will begin on Monday, March 29, and last till April 4, 2021. Included in the NCR+ bubble is the capital as well as neighboring provinces Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Riza. If you’ve forgotten what you can and can’t do here’s a refresher:

NCR Back To ECQ: Refresher Rules

  • Public transportation –  Public transport on the road, rail, maritime, and aviation is allowed to operate, unlike the previous ECQ transportation.
  • Person(s) allowed outside – This is limited to those accessing essential goods and services; work in permitted offices and establishments; and Authorized Person Outside of Residence (APOR) or essential workers who can move around without a Quarantine Pass.
  • Limited operations – A maximum capacity of 50% or a skeletal workforce are allowed to report to offices, private establishments and services (ex: groceries, deliveries), Media establishments, and workers accredited by DOTr.
  • Gatherings Prohibited – Gatherings of more than 10 persons outside of the household, gatherings indoors with any persons outside of the immediate household.
  • Malls – Limited to essential stores (ex. groceries, pharmacies, hardware); Restaurants will still be allowed to operate, but are limited to take-out and deliveries only.
  • Curfew – Curfew hours are from 6 PM to 5 AM for the duration of the ECQ. Essential workers, cargo vehicles, and public transportation, however, shall not be restricted by such curfew
  • Travel – Crossing borders between cities especially to areas with high-transmission rates is prohibited. Except for workers who need to cross borders to and from work. No travel pass is needed.

As Malacañang reverts NCR to ECQ certain cities may require you to use a contact tracing app like Quezon City’s “KyusiPass” or Pasig City’s “PasigPass.” Not all establishments require them but it’s better to use the app to lessen contact with shared pens to manually fill out contact tracing forms. Online shopping apps, online delivery services, and couriers have yet to release their own guidelines as of posting.

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