Philippine Internet Speeds Increases For June 2021: Ookla

by Monique Mendoza  July 20, 2021

Feeling your internet speeds picking up in the Philippines? It’s not just you – according to Ookla, there’s data to prove that connections have been speeding up for Philippine customers in the past few months. Check out the Philippine internet speeds as of June 2021.

Ookla June 2021 Report

The mobile download speeds in June 2020 start off with a ranking of 115 and a download speed of 16.17Mbs. While it is a rather low and slow start for mobile download speeds, the speeds gradually caught up to a whopping 32.84Mbps, with rankings improving to 75. There’s a small upgrade as well for upload speeds for mobile users: from 5.91Mbps upload speeds last June 2020 to 8.92Mbps in the present. That may be a small change, but it’s significant enough to once again bring up the rankings of Philippine upload speeds within the year. To wrap things up, latency for mobile users is lower as well compared to last year’s June 42ms to this year’s June 31ms. Mobile users are now enjoying double the speed this June 2021 and hopefully, it will continue onwards and upwards.

Fixed broadband users are also enjoying consistent speed upgrades. Starting from a rather low 23.74Mbs for June 2020, the jump significantly increased up to 66.55Mbs this June 2021. Upload speeds have similar numbers to 23.46Mbs which has increased to 66.86Mbs. Latency is also lower starting from 32ms and jumping to a much lower 22ms. Not bad for a year’s worth of improvement.

This Ookla June 2021 Report spells great news for work-from-home consumers and online learners. What everyone needs these days is consistent and fast internet speed to keep up with work and school demands. Thankfully, local telcos are able to fulfill this promise and more. We hope to see more consistent improvements in the future but for now, these are the numbers we’re working with. What are your thoughts on the Philippine internet speeds this June 2021?

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