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Mobile Internet in the Philippines Improves by 10 Spots in Ookla’s January 2021 Report

While the Philippines does not rank exactly high when it comes to internet speeds, the country has improved its Speedtest ranking based on Ookla’s January 2021 report.

Comparing data from December 2020 to January 2021, the Philippines improved its ranking by 10 spots, with a higher download speed at 25.77Mbps compared to 22.50Mbps in December 2020. Upload speeds improved slightly at 6.29Mbps compared to 6.03Mbps in the same month. The same goes for latency, which saw a small improvement at 33ms (vs 32ms).

As for fixed broadband, the Philippines still has the same rank as with the December 2020 report, though there is a slight improvement in download speeds at 32.73Mbps (vs 31.44Mbps). The same goes for upload speeds, where it is better at 31.64Mbps (vs 31.07Mbps). Latency remains the same for fixed broadband, though the Philippines saw a slight improvement when it comes to jitter.

The Philippines’ notable rank jump in mobile internet speed rankings can be credited to the telcos’ continuing efforts in expanding infrastructure for better coverage. Globe is working on expanding its coverage in the Visayas and Mindanao region and improving 5G coverage in Metro Manila, while Smart and PLDT continues to lead the way in offering the fastest mobile and broadband internet in the Philippines respectively while rapidly pushing for a more expansive 5G network coverage nationwide.

The recent efforts by telcos to improve internet services in the Philippines is part of the government’s appeal for them to be accountable with their promises of faster internet speeds in the coming months. NTC is closely monitoring all efforts made by Globe, PLDT, and Smart, as they are all pressed to improve their services or risk losing their franchise. Aside from them, DITO Telecommunity is working on their technical audit as they are set to make their commercial services go live by March.

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