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Predator League 2019 Grand Finals Day 1 Recap

TNC Predator and Team ArkAngel with Managing Director of Acer Philippines, Mr. Manuel Wong

Let the Games Begin!

The Grand Finals for the APAC Predator League 2019 is in full swing here in Bangkok, Thailand. After the local tournaments that crowned our local champions to represent the country in two of the hottest eSports titles, DOTA 2 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, TNC Predator (DOTA 2) and Team ArkAngel (PUBG) arrive at the National Stadium, Nimitbutr Sport Building to duke it out with their rivals from the region.

TNC Predator prepares for their match against Malaysian team — LOTAC.

The first few rounds were played in the morning, which saw our very own TNC Predator take on LOTAC from Malaysia. The teams split one game a piece before TNC securing the third game that would take them on through to the second round.

Day 1 PUBG Leaderboards

ArkAngel had also played their first 5 rounds of PUBG out of the 15 for the entire tournament. The Philippine team started off in the middle of the pack after the first game and were able to secure the fourth spot on the leaderboard by the end of the day. The team from South Korea, Afreeca Freecs, currently hold the top spot with local team Purple Mood nipping at their heels and Indonesian team, Aerowolf, not far behind.

After the first couple of rounds, it was finally time to open up the National Stadium to the public.

The Predator Shield

The Grand Opening of the Predator League started off with pomp and pyro as the trophy for the tournament — aka The Predator Shield — was brought up on stage and the eSports athletes were introduced to local crowd. The festivities were further hyped up by popular Thai Idol Group, BNK 48, as they held a mini-concert that officially close out the opening ceremony. It was time to get back into the action!

TNC Predator setup for their second match against the team from Mongolia — yG — that once again went the distance. TNC took the first game but was dominated by yG in the second led by the Mongolian team’s fed Alchemist. After adjusting their strategy, the TNC team easily took the third game easily using a lineup of Drow Ranger, Luna, Sven, Enigma, and Outworld Devourer. yG called GG at the 23 minute and 50 second mark.

The DOTA 2 Bracket so far c/o challonge.com

The semifinals start in less than hour after publishing this article so if you want to show some love to our Philippine teams, all you have to do is follow Predator Gaming on all their social media accounts — @PredatorGamingPhilippines for Facebook and Instagram and @predatorph on Twitter — to see the latest happenings here in Bangkok.

You can also watch the games as they happen by tuning into the livestreams.

PUBG – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNRdON1o9k8&feature=youtu.be
DOTA 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D7meTomUaM

There’s more to come as Day 2 begins so stay tuned to the website if you want to know what’s happening in this year’s Acer Predator League APAC Grand Finals.

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