PSA: Stop Asking For Free Stuff In Exchange For Likes

by John Nieves  October 6, 2016

Your likes, shares and comments don’t have monetary value

Most of us has probably seen the like, share and comment challenge. You know, those posts asking for something in exchange for a certain number of likes, comments and shares on Facebook. We’ve seen it before, but what really put it in the limelight in my opinion, is this epic post:


Because of this, a dude managed to score a date with his crush, Bianca Yao. That post went absolutely viral with 118K likes, 3K+ shares and 15K comments. Now while that was truly epic use of Facebook for one dude, just like anything on the internet people have warped that concept and have taken to using it to beg for stuff from brands.

And while we see why people would think that this kind of cyberbegging would be good for the brand, in reality it’s not. The marketing value of having one post trend on the internet would never, ever be equivalent to whatever product you’re asking for. Not in a million years.

For one thing, some of the products that people are asking for in exchange for likes are usually ridiculously expensive. Take this one, for example:


That’s a ridiculously expensive gaming PC that costs around 100K. No sane brand would ever hand over that much for a post with likes and shares. Regular advertising plus Facebook ads would probably more effective compared to that. And like ASUS says, your likes, shares and comments do NOT have monetary value, period.

One guy even took it up a notch, begging for a Toyota 86. A car that last we checked, starts at 1.6 million pesos.


And the brands know it. It’s no wonder why some of the Facebook pages are starting to get annoyed at these kinds of requests. Leave it to local shop Dynaquest to say out loud what many brands have been wanting to say:

A post so savage, we had to call the CHR to investigate

So I guess what I’m trying to say is stop this crap. It makes you look like a massive freeloader, begging for scraps from your favorite brand. If you really love a brand, I say just save up money and buy it the old fashioned way. Because your likes, shares and comments mean diddly squat in the real world.

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    Ooohh nice one Dynaquest! hehe, I work my effin’ brains out to buy things that I want & need. Get your lazy asses off fb and do some real work if you really want stuff.

    dapat ito ang ipang-tokbang ni duterte e. dapat rin ito hindi pinaacess sa facebook e. dagdag lang kayo ng lag sa internet natin.

    Heh. Nanghihingi na nga lang, magmamakaawa pa ng likes, comments and share. Pinapababa lang nila standard nila sa sarili.

    lol. but how come the bloggers with most likes and supposed to be followers which can be bought turn out to review gadgets more than people who really work in the industry that the gadget is used?.. is there politics also in marketing? hahaha. mediocrity at its best. food and accomodation for exposure also is one. i guess its how the social media works. take a look at the beckham teen for example, had a campaign shoot for burberry because of 6m followers.

    There is no politics, just plain business sense. Bloggers, social media influencers and popular people online helps raise awareness about the product. How? They experience/review/unbox the products being offered and then create an informative write-up, so that people reading them—their fans and followers—will be inclined to purchase the goods. Parang pag kukuha ka ng endorsers at brand ambassadors. You need the opinion of these bloggers and influencers to advertise. Mga companies ang lumalapit sa mga reviewers para humingi ng tulong mag-endorse. Malaki pagkakaiba nun sa 15k likes, shares, commmets tapos PAHINGI NG PRODUKTO NYO. Kapalmuks tawag don..

    Ugh, dont make it seem like Blogging aint a serious thing. It also takes a lot of time and investment and hardwork before you succeed in the blogging industry. It aint mediocrity. It’s serious business.

    Nag-iiba na din ligawan ngayon. Dati, nanghaharana pa para maka-akyat ng ligaw, ngayon “ilang like, comment, share para pumayag kang lumabas tayo?”. Dafuq

    Sino po si PSA? PNoy Simeon Aquino ba? Kaya pala sinumbong pa sa CHR ng author ng article. Tao ni PNoy yang head diyan eh.

    Haha. Got you there. Baka ibig mong sabihin mag-search muna. Wala kasi sa article ang acronym eh. Techblog should be professional enough to present everything important. Ikaw, Anakng, bago ka mag-comment, intindihin mo munang maigi ang comment ko. Lumabas tuloy na mababaw kang mag-isip at magbasa.

    It’s a common term, especially in forums around the internet. If you don’t know what it means it’s supposed to be your responsibility to be informed. So stop being an ignorant prick and do your research.

    PSA is a very common acronym, just like IMHO, for example. I fail to see why I have to spell out what that means when you can just type it in Google if you don’t know what it is.

    There’s no need to insult all Pinoys just because of the actions of a few. I first saw this trend being used on Rihanna. I’m preeeetty sure whoever messages Rihanna wasn’t Pinoy

    While I agree that this trend is beyond annoying, I don’t agree with this:

    “Your likes, shares and comments don’t have monetary value.”

    Because if this is true, I wonder why Unbox itself likes it if your stuff here have tons of exposure.

    sorry son, unbox are getting paid from endorsements. not likes shares or comments. those things are just being used as way to let people know that they exist. they earn their endorsements based on the numbers of visitors they have in their website. just from your own words unbox has tons of exposure because of likes and shares. they did not say that unbox got rich because of likes share etc. 1 like ? 1 peso or 1 share ? 1 peso it’s more like # of visitors = product endorsement = getting paid by sponsors see those little ads they have on top and below? that is how they make gold shares likes and getting trend is just a plus

    The date thing is really a cool way of asking someone out. That is, if the guy really have something (that can’t be bought) for a girl. Kung baga sa pangliligaw, naka first base sya agad.

    With regards to asking material things in exchange for likes,etc., its definitely a dumb thing to do. Lalo na kung napakamahal ng hinihingi. Hindi ata tinatablan ng hiya mga ganung tao. If you want something, work for it.