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Smart Unveils New Netflix Plans For Signature Subscribers

smart netflix plan

Smart is taking advantage of its newly made 5G network by unveiling the Smart Signature Netflix plan, aimed at maximizing the speeds that the new tech delivers.

This feature comes built into Smart’s SIM-Only Plans allowing postpaid plan holders the option to enjoy their very own Netflix account. One advantage this feature brings is that Smart postpaid subscribers can conveniently enjoy their own streaming account without having to think about paying for this extra service monthly since it is covered by the plan.

The new plan is available to both new and existing Smart Signature plan holders. To take advantage of this new postpaid inclusion, Smart will require you to create a new account through www.netflix.com/smart or here in order to take advantage of postpaid plan inclusion.

Smart Netflix Signature Plan

The Netflix mobile plan is included in the following Smart Signature postpaid plans:

  • Plan S 10GB for Php 999 per month
  • Plan M 20GB for 1,499 per month
  • Plan L 30GB for 1,999 per month
  • Plan XL 60 GB for 2,999 per month

To give you an idea, with 10GB of data you can stream up to 30 hours of Netflix. You’ll just need to budget your data allotment accordingly if you use mobile data for your social media or other apps. What makes this plan specifically fit for streaming Netflix on mobile data is that it streams content at SD 520p this helps you manage your data consumption if you have a habit of streaming using mobile data.

You may opt to upgrade your Smart Signature Postpaid Netflix mobile plan to a Standard or Premium Netflix plan for an extra fee that offers HD and 4K+HDR, respectively if you intend to cast content on TVs. It’s still up to the subscriber to determine if they’d like to forgo their regular Netflix account for the one included in Smart’s Signature plan.

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