Apple to Continue using Qualcomm 5G Chips Until 2026

Despite that Apple is using its A-series (for iPhones) and M-series (for iPads and Macs) chips on its entire lineup, they don’t have their own 5G modem yet. Apple uses Qualcomm’s 5G chips, and Qualcomm recently announced an updated agreement with Apple where it will supply the latter with Snapdragon 5G chips until 2026. “This […]

Apple to Remove Maya as Mode of Payment By August 16

Back in 2019, one of the compelling features of Maya (PayMaya back then) was the ability to use their E-Wallet for paying any of your Apple ID needs–ranging from iTunes Store purchases, App Store purchases, to recurring subscriptions for services like Apple Music and Apple TV. The feature was very convenient for Maya users–however, that […]

M3 Apple iMac, 13-inch MacBook Air Might Arrive in October

While the buzz with Apple right now is with the futuristic Vision Pro and the USB-C sporting iPhone 15 series, Apple might be able to launch its first set of M3 computers starting with the iMac according to Mark Gurman. This further confirms earlier reports on Apple’s plans to announce its M3 series of chips, […]

Apple Is World’s First PHP 165 Trillion Company

Very recently, Apple broke records by becoming the first company to break the $3 billion USD valuation mark. That means that the tech giant Apple has finally achieved above a PHP 165 trillion valuation, making history as the wealthiest firm in existence. Here’s how they did it. Based on valuations by NASDAQ, a stock price […]

Google Makes Fun of Apple in Banter-Filled Video Series

While we are still waiting for Google to officially launch the Pixel 8 series, the company has launched an unusual campaign featuring Apple in its #BestPhoneForever series. Consisting of five short videos, the fun sketches involve an iPhone 14 Pro Max having a casual conversation full of banters with a Pixel 7 Pro, talking about […]

Apple Files Patent For Seatbelt Buckle With Display And Lights

For some reason, Apple has just filed a patent to reinvent the seatbelt buckle by adding new technologies to it. This comes as a surprise since we haven’t heard any progress regarding the development of the Apple Car recently. We can imagine that these filed patents could either only be for in-house innovations, or the […]

Apple, Canon Are the Most Popular Camera Brands in the World

  With people taking more photos every day thanks to the advancement in digital cameras, people are probably wondering: what’s the most popular camera brands in the world? According to a study made by Simpleghar, the most popular camera brands in the world is Apple for phone cameras and Canon for standalone cameras. Their study […]

Apple Completes Transition with M2 Ultra Mac Pro

After beginning its transition into its own M-series chips back in 2020 with the MacBook Pro and Mac Mini, Apple finally completes the move to its own silicon with the Mac Pro having an M2 Ultra processor and PCIe expansion–the latter being the first Apple silicon-powered product to have room for upgrades. Before we talk […]

Apple Calls the Vision Pro its “First Spatial Computer”

There has been much talk about Apple with its mixed reality headset in the past few months. People are skeptical about Apple’s move into this space, as there’s a very small market for mixed reality headsets, with the Oculus being the most well-known and mainstream VR device. Apple is willing to take the risk to […]

Finally: Apple Launches Bigger MacBook Air 15-Inch

Ever since the introduction of the MacBook Air in 2008, Apple has been using a 13-inch display for its ultra-slim laptop–but did launch the MacBook Air in a smaller 11-inch model from 2011 to 2015. As brands like LG begin to offer ultra-slim laptops with bigger 15-inch (or even 16-inch) displays, it was a matter […]

Apple Butterfly Keyboard Settlement Approved: To the Tune of $50 Million

In a significant development, Apple’s long-standing nightmare involving its unreliable butterfly keyboard design may finally be coming to an end, as the US has granted approval for the tech giant’s $50 million settlement. The lawsuit stemmed from Apple’s failure to adequately address repair and troubleshooting concerns raised by numerous MacBook users who experienced issues with […]

Flagship Camera Comparo: Huawei P60 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S23 VS Apple iPhone 14 Pro

The Huawei P60 Pro is here in the Philippines, and it’s only natural that we compare it with two of its flagship rivals: the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the iPhone 14 Pro. All three phones are at the top of the heap when it comes to taking photos, but only one is the true […]