Apple to Remove Maya as Mode of Payment By August 16

Apple to Remove Maya as Mode of Payment By August 16

Back in 2019, one of the compelling features of Maya (PayMaya back then) was the ability to use their E-Wallet for paying any of your Apple ID needs–ranging from iTunes Store purchases, App Store purchases, to recurring subscriptions for services like Apple Music and Apple TV. The feature was very convenient for Maya users–however, that has changed as, Apple will remove Maya as a mode of payment. 

We recently received an email from Apple, informing us that they will remove Maya as a mode of payment from our Apple ID account starting August 16. Apple also adds that Maya “will no longer be used for digital purchases in the App Store or iTunes Store. If you are an Apple Music, TV+, iCloud+, or third-party subscriber on the App Store.” The email advisory also reminds users to update their mode of payment immediately as Apple will drop support for Maya.

Maya explained to us that they are working on improvements to allow its users to pay for any of Apple’s services using their Maya number. In the meantime, Maya suggests their users pay using the virtual card that comes with every Maya account–or using their physical card if they have one.

(Update 3:00pm: Added Maya’s response to the matter)


  • jayem , August 9, 2023

    I got this email on Tuesday, August 8, 2023. I immediately contacted Apple Support. They had no idea. Support couldn’t tell me if it was authentic or a scam. I did tell them that I thought many would be getting the same message and they should be aware.

  • Ryan H Delizo , February 20, 2024

    i cant open my MAYA account

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