Crypto: Should you Dive In?

Crypto: Should you Dive In?

There are different ways to invest your money. Aside from the usual options like trust funds, savings, and stocks, cryptocurrency is slowly becoming a viable option for investing money. Since the Bitcoin boom in 2013, many new cryptocurrencies have surfaced. Even games like Axie Infinity also have an earning aspect, where the game’s Smooth Love Potion (SLP) works as an actual cryptocurrency.

For Gadget Pilipinas founder Gian Viterbo, crypto trading attracted him because it combines both his interests in technology and investments. Despite the complexities of crypto trading, Viterbo emphasizes that it is a welcome challenge for him to understand how crypto trading works.

Like Viterbo, XLD Co-Founder and CEO Ian Estrada has his fair share of hesitations about crypto, but did his research to fully understand its potential. Estrada has been working in the fintech space for years, and XLD is his platform for making crypto accessible to everyone.

“Running a financial service in the crypto space is a dream – you get to create products without regulation,” Estrada said. “There’s still accountability though; you’re accountable to your users, investors, and the exchanges [of] your tokens.”

How to buy Bitcoin in the Philippines
While Bitcoin is one of the best-known cryptocurrencies out there, there are other forms like Etherium.


Viterbo has been doing crypto trading for four years already, and he has seen the pros and cons of it. “I have never been swayed by criticisms because I knew the risks involved and opportunities to gain,” he said. Aside from its volatile nature, Viterbo explains that crypto trading did affect the prices of GPUs since most cryptocurrencies make use of a GPU’s power to mine. While mining is another way for one to earn crypto, Viterbo points out that trading on engaging in pay-to-play platforms is the better way to go–and that’s despite the risks both approaches have to offer.

Withdraw Crypto
Cashing in and cashing out are one of the challenges cryptocurrencies currently face.


With cryptocurrencies being a relatively new way to invest, Estrada explains that there are still a lot of things that need to be ironed out in crypto trading. These include the complexity of cashing in and cashing out cryptocurrencies, the number of coins and altcoins in the market right now, and the learning curve for every crypto interface. Nonetheless, Estrada sees crypto trading in the long term as a game-changer like the dot-com boom in the 2000s. “[Crypto trading] still in its early years and this will be changing financial services as we know it.”

For Viterbo, crypto trading is a good source of additional income, but strongly advises those who are considering it to build a proper financial portfolio first. “The classic tenet of not putting your eggs in one basket remains, and it’s best to spread your risk properly.” Estrada agrees to this and adds that one should do his research before getting engaged in crypto trading.

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