Singapore-Based HybridBlock Launches Cryptocurrency Platform

Singapore-Based HybridBlock Launches Cryptocurrency Platform

Educating people better about cryptocurrency

Last April 9, Singapore-based cryptocurrency trading and education platform HybridBlock has officially launched in Sheraton Grand Hong Kong, to an audience of 400 comprising of individuals from media and industry relations.

During the event, VP of Operations Mr. Carson Knuth and VP of Marketing Mr. Jeff Dubinsky shared their roadmap for the cryptocurrency platform—which is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Aside from talking about HybridBlock’s roadmap, Knuth and Dubinsky also held a forum called “The State of Crypto Exchanges”, where they conducted a training session for cryptocurrencies. HybridBlock Chief Strategy Advisor Dr. Michael Sung joined Knuth and Dubinsky for the forum.

Aside from his current position at HybridBlock, Sung received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT and a financial engineering degree from the MIT Sloan School of Business. Aside from HybridBlock, Sung serves in various advisory roles for the HK, Taiwan, and China governments on international tech transfer policy and building innovation ecosystems, and is a founder of the One World Blockchain Alliance.

As an industry consortium, One World Blockchain Alliance aims to connect the world’s leading blockchain companies to China’s Belt and Road initiatives.

To know more about HybridBlock, visit their website here.


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