The FreeBuds 4 will elevate your listening experience

by Unbox Staff  September 6, 2021

With all the TWS earbuds available in the market, consumers have plenty of choices to choose from. Whether they intend to use them for workouts, for their calls, or for casual music listening, having a great pair of TWS earbuds is essential, and Huawei has a compelling offering with the FreeBuds 4. Being their premium TWS offering in the Philippines, there is much to like about the Huawei FreeBuds 4. What makes them a good pair of premium TWS earbuds?

Unique design. The FreeBuds 3 stood out for its open-air design AND still offering ANC, and the FreeBuds 4 maintains the same unique design with a few tweaks that include being a few mm shorter.

Despite using an open-air design and not relying on silicone tips for a full seal, the FreeBuds 4 stay in your ears comfortably. In fact, they stay put that you do not need to worry about them falling off. Beyond their stand out design, the FreeBuds 4 also comes in two striking colors: Ceramic White and Silver Frost.

Consistent sound quality. With its adaptive ear-matching technology, the FreeBuds 4 intelligently detects your ear shape to give you the most optimal sound quality possible and to deliver the most optimal ANC setting as well.

The drivers themselves aren’t shabby either, as Huawei packed 14.3 mm LCP dynamic drivers with their own bass-enhancing chip to give you crisp and clear sounds that are suitable for most music genres.

Aside from sound quality, the FreeBuds 4 is great for calls and for shooting your vlogs with a dual-mode 48 kHz HD sound recording that lets you choose the right recording setting for every situation.

Versatile controls and customization options. Huawei’s TWS earbuds stand out for having a complete set of touch controls, and the FreeBuds 4 is no exception. Those stems will let you manage your music playback and calls, toggle noise cancellation and voice assistants, and even manage your listening volume.

Those controls are fully customizable via the AI Life app, where you can personalize the functions according to your needs.

Great integration with the Huawei ecosystem. More than just being a pair of TWS earbuds, the FreeBuds 4 works seamlessly with the Huawei ecosystem. Opening the case will let your Huawei phone, tablet, or laptop, or Vision TV prompt for pairing, and switching between devices is a breeze, as it can connect to up to 2 devices simultaneously. With the AI Life app, you also get a handy Connection Center to easily manage all devices paired with it and easily transfer audio between devices.

Aside from Huawei’s AI Life app and ecosystem integration, they are fully compatible with both Android and iOS devices, retaining all of its functions.

Competitive pricing. If you plan to buy the FreeBuds 4 until September 30 on Lazada, Shopee, or Huawei’s own website, they will be available for Php 5,999, and comes with 3 months of Huawei Music VIP, making it a sweet deal for all music lovers out there.

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