Humahabol sa Smart! Globe Hailed as 5G Global Rising Star

by Duey Guison  September 21, 2022

In several reports from the likes of Opensignal and Ookla, Smart is usually the one on top when you talk about any metric that involve 5G connectivity. That is set to change, as Globe is hailed as a 5G Global Rising Star for download speeds in Opensignal’s September 2022 report.

If that’s not enough, Opensignal has lots of good words for Globe, as it also hailed the telco’s improvement with video and games experience. Globe’s video experience score improved by an impressive 89%, while its games experience experienced a 39.5% improvement with 5G. Globe’s efforts in improving its 5G connectivity are also seen with improvements in its 5G upload speeds compared to 4G based on Opensignal’s full report.

“Five operators have managed the impressive feat of being recognized for 5G Global Impact in all four categories — Israel’s Hot Mobile and Partner, Globe and Smart in the Philippines, along with the UAE’s du. Globe had the greatest uplift for Video Experience and also had the second largest improvement for Games Experience,” Opensignal stated in its report.

We can confirm Opensignal’s praise for Globe when it comes to improving its 5G. We recently did a Speedtest at Manila Bay’s Dolomite beach using our GOMO SIM, and we were able to go beyond 300Mbps with download speeds consistently–in previous months, our GOMO SIM would barely reach 250Mbps when we conduct speed tests in areas that have strong 5G connectivity.

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