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Should You Pre-order The PS5 In The Philippines?

Are you pulling the trigger on the next gen console?

The PS5 is coming to the Philippines, and if you’re one of the people hyped to get it, you’ll be facing long odds come tomorrow. While Sony Philippines has confirmed that the PS5 will arrive on Dec. 11, because of stock concerns there will be no loose (AKA non-preordered units) available on that date. Instead, you’ll have to hit that 5-minute online pre-order windows tomorrow, Nov. 20, in Datablitz, Abenson.com, Metroplaza.com, and at Sony’s flagship LazMall store.

With all the hassle that you’ll be facing tomorrow (and the chances of you not even getting a slot anyway) should you even bother pre-ordering the new console?

The short answer is no. Personally, there’s really no reason to buy it this holiday season aside from the fact that you’ll be one of the few people in the country to get it (because again, limited stocks).

For one, there are no games coming out this year that you can only get on the PS5. This is a unique console launch in the sense that there will be no PS5 exclusives at the time of launch. All the games that are coming out in 2020 for the PS5 will have a PS4 equivalent this year, and many of the titles that were shown off specifically for the console are still a few months (if not years) away.

You’ll also be paying the early adopter tax if you decide to be the first to own a PS5. While Sony is a huge multinational company that makes really great stuff, there’s still a chance of manufacturing or design issues that need to be tweaked with any new generation of hardware. This is why software patches and hardware recalls exist. Now granted, the chances of this happening are ridiculously low, but it still happens (see: Apple).

And unless you have a 4K-capable TV, all of the new fidelity improvements that the PS5 gives in higher resolutions will be wasted.

So if you already have a PS4, my advice is to simply wait. The PS4 took one to two years before it really took off when it was launched all those years ago, and it’ll be the same case for the PS5. There’s still plenty of life left for Sony’s old bird, and instead of lining up for the extremely limited number of units tomorrow and spending all that cash, you should consider just buying more games, buying a better TV with the money (plenty of decent 4K TVs at the same price of the console) or re-allocating it for other Christmas purchases.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.


  1. Absolutely not. I love my PS4 with SSD upgrade. PS5 isnt appealing at all. Its just like a glorified PS Pro and not much to offer. The shallow game library isnt enough to justify the cost. I am open to getting it after a year or two when they comeup with a much compact version

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