Here’s How Hard it is to Pre-Order the PlayStation 5

Here’s How Hard it is to Pre-Order the PlayStation 5

After a long, long wait, Sony Philippines announced that it is officially opening the pre-order of its next-generation PlayStation 5 gaming console tomorrow, November 20 with select retailers. However, there’s a very big catch.

Regardless if you plan to pre-order via Datablitz,,, or even at Sony’s flagship LazMall store, you literally only have a five minute window–specifically from 2:00pm to 2:05pm–to secure your order. Those planning to purchase via Datablitz need to follow another step: they should be subscribed to their newsletter to be eligible to pre-order.

Given how terrible the country’s internet connection it–not to mention others planning to “cheat” their way by using bots–it is going to be very hard to actually secure a pre-order, even if its Php 27,990 is higher than the SRP in the US.

So if ever you want to take your shot in pre-ordering the PlayStation 5 tomorrow, we wish you all the best–because it will definitely be a challenging one.

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