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Smart Started Deploying 5G-ready SIMs Last Year

Getting ready for 5G

All those 5G-ready SIMs you’ve been seeing for sale recently isn’t a new thing, as Smart says they’ve been deploying 4G SIMs that are 5G-ready since last year.

This is according to Mon Isberto, public affairs head of PLDT and Smart in response to sellers hawking 5G-ready SIM cards online.

All that’s new, according to him, is the packaging.

Aside from that, Mr. Isberto also said that Smart will be rolling out a simple test to find out if your 4G SIM is 5G-ready. The tests will be part of the company’s preparations to officially launch commercial 5G in their networks this year, which will be accompanied by 5G devices and handsets.

Smart is already running pilot tests and programs for 5G in both provinces near and around Metro Manila, and in the heart of the capital itself.

You can read Mr. Isberto’s full statement below:

“Actually, we started to deploy 4G SIMs that are 5G-ready last year. What’s new is the packaging. We will soon provide people a simple test to find out if your 4G SIM is 5G ready. Future proofing our SIMs is part of our step by step preparations for the launch of 5G later this year. This is aligned with preparations being done for rolling out 5G in our network as well as for making 5G handsets and devices that are certified for use in the Smart network available for customers interested in moving up to 5G.”

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  1. I think Smart should consider adding OnePlus as part of their Consumer plan as this will help us consumers to have more options rather than the Big 3 (Samsung, Apple and Huawei)

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