3 Things We Know About the OPPO F3 Plus’ Front Cameras

by Jamie Inocian  March 21, 2017

How is OPPO Dual Front Camera Different?

So, we’re two days away from the launch of OPPO’s newest Selfie Experts — the OPPO F3 Plus. As you might expect, we’ve been getting a barrage of teasers letting us know what to expect from the dual camera setup from the Chinese brand and a few leaks revealing its hardware. Here’s a quick roundup of the features they’ve made known to the public, thanks to the ads we’re seeing on their official twitter account.

No Need for Software Bokeh?

We know that the OPPO F3 Plus has dual cameras, which usually means you can add on bokeh after taking your selfies. It seems like you won’t even need to add it on, unless someone is majorly photobombing your photo, because you’re getting a f-stop of f/1.7. That’s already a good amount of depth of field!

Dual Phase Detection Auto Focus

Even if you have one of the better cameras on your phones, you still need to take multiple safeties; even more so if you have kulit kids you need to capture. According to the teaser ad you seen above, it looks like OPPO has added on Dual PDAF onto the front cam setup of the F3 Plus. This means that, while we still think safeties are still necessary to get the best shot possible, it will at least reduce the need for taking a ton of them.

Wide-Angled Selfies? Group Selfies? Groupfies?

Selfies are great, but sometimes the cameras we have on our smartphones makes taking selfies with friends — a groufie? a we-fie? —  a tad challenging. The teaser above shows that the dual cameras might give you the capability to shoot selfies that’ll include more of the scenery and not just of your face or you and your gaggle of friends!

So there you have it. The three things we know about the front camera setup of the OPPO F3 Plus! Again, we’re only a few days away from the local launch of the device, so do stay tuned to the site as we will post an unbox and our initial thoughts on the device. We’re also eager to compare it to the Vivo V5 Plus, so make sure you guys check that out.

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