48 Hours with the iPhone 7 Plus

48 Hours with the iPhone 7 Plus

It's the iPhone 7 Plus!
It’s the iPhone 7 Plus!

Here’s What We Think So Far

We’ve been using the iPhone 7 Plus (128GB) as our main daily driver for the last 48 hours and we wanted to quickly share with you guys our initial thoughts and observations about it. This is also a great way to validate our previous commentary, “No, You Don’t Need to Upgrade to an iPhone 7”. Let’s jump right into it!

Prior to us using the iPhone 7 Plus, we were using the iPhone 6S as our daily driver. This way we can really see and feel “upgrades” in the over-all phone experience. So far we’ve noticed a couple of pros and some cons.

PRO: iOS10 Runs Smoother on the iPhone 7 Plus


Gone are the annoying lags on Viber, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger that we started getting when we updated our iPhone 6S to iOS 10. The over-all experience is noticeably smoother and faster. We’re not yet sure though if this is because of the hardware in the iPhone 7 Plus or it’s just a software issue with our just-upgraded-to-iOS10 iPhone 6S.

PRO: Battery Life is Great!

Apple’s claim of extended battery life is true. We’re getting at least around extra 2 hours of usage. That’s more than enough to get us through the day. Just for appreciation — we left the house with a full charge at 6:30AM. We thoroughly abused it (as in heavy usage involving Pokemon Go, browsing, videos, etc) for a couple of hours. It’s now 1PM and we’re still at 65%. Very impressive.

PRO: We LOVE Water Resistance

We take our iPhone to the bathroom when we shower so it plays music or we can watch videos when we’re on the “throne”. It’s good that we don’t have to be super careful anymore with water splashes. Yaaay.

CON: Not Having a Headphone Jack Really Sucks


Unless you’re already using wireless headphones, the absence of the headphone jack is really annoying. Apple didn’t bundle the wireless AirPods. You still get the usual wired earphones but you do get a Lightning to Audio Jack converter cable. We’re not fans of bringing more converter cables. It’s so unnecessary!

If you’re a music lover be prepared to invest in good wireless headphones if you’re going to use the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus as your main phone. Don’t get the Apple AirPods since initial reviews are very negative with regards to sound quality. We’d recommend the Jaybird X2. Of all the wireless headphones we’ve reviewed, they’re the best in terms of value for money and quality.

CON: We Don’t Like the New Home Button


We prefer the previous home button. The new one feels different but we’re sure we’ll get used to it after a few more days. It’s just annoying when sometimes it doesn’t fully respond to a press down.

NOT SURE YET: We’re still Testing the Camera


We’re still testing the camera to see if there’s a major difference in quality. So far we’re seeing the best improvements in low-light photography. Images have less noise and are cleaner. The front-facing camera is also noticeably better.

Full Review Coming Soon

So far that’s it! Watch this space for our full review of the iPhone 7 Plus in a few days. We’ll be putting this through our usual stress tests and we’ll be putting a lot of energy and focus on the camera capabilities since that was Apple’s main selling point.

Want one already? You can get yours at Kimstore. As of this writing they still have stocks for most of the iPhone 7 colors and models.



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