5 Gadgets To Keep In Your Bag For Emergencies

Essential gear for when disaster strikes

Disaster can and will strike when we least expect it, a fact of life that nature painfully reminded us during the weekend. Typhoon Ulysees has ravaged Metro Manila and much of Central Luzon during the weekend, flooding entire towns and barangays and stranding many of our countrymen on top of their roofs waiting for rescue.

While we can’t stop nature’s onslaught, we can take precautions and make sure our emergency bags (or go bags) have the right kind of gear for disasters like these. We’ve compiled 5 gadgets that you want to keep in your bag to help you survive the first few hours of a natural disaster like typhoons and floods:

Veger Powerbank with LED Display

Powerbanks are a no-brainer inclusion in this list, as you can’t really rely on power staying on when disaster strikes. This particular power bank won’t keep you guessing whether it’s half-full or half-empty, and its LED indicator tells you exactly how much power it has. This has a Type-C and two USB ports that let you charge up to two USB devices at a time. You can get it cheap on Lazada for just Php 499.

Get the Veger Powerbank with LED Display

Smart Advance LTE-A Pocket Wifi

Getting fast and timely updates about what’s happening around you is a must during a disaster, and having a separate pocket WiFi for mobile data is generally a good idea since you won’t be burning through your phone’s battery to get internet. It would be wise to get a wifi device that’s different from your home carrier to provide you connectivity options which gives you a failsafe just in case your preferred network’s signal gets affected.

Get the Smart Advance LTE Pocket Wifi here

Leetec Rechargable Emergency Fan with radio

Here’s a handy all-in-one gadget from LeeTec, a 12-inch rechargeable emergency fan. It comes with a radio, a pop-out LED lamp, and a USB port for charging. The fan itself can last up to 4 hours on its highest speed while the LED lamp goes up to 17hours on its high setting. The only trade-off is its 12 to 15 hour charge time, with this gadget fully charged you can expect to make the most out it in your time of need. The Leetec LT-653 RD is available for Php 2,399.

Get the Leetec Rechargable Emergency fan here.



When drinking water is hard to come by and you’re forced to make do with whatever water source is available, you’ll thank yourself for having a portable-water-purifier on-hand. LifeStraw can filter down to 0.2 microns which means it can remove virtually all bacteria and protozoa. But manage your expectations as the LifeStraw can’t filter out heavy metals or desalinate water. The personal LifeStraw costs Php 1,650 while the family version costs Php 6,999.

Get the Personal LifeStraw here
Get the Family LifeStraw here

Solar Powered LED Lamp

Light up the dark with this solar-powered lamp that doubles as a charging station. It comes in two power variants: 100W and 80W, and is also splash-proof. The lamp also comes with a remote that lets you can control the brightness in three levels as well as use the lamp for an SOS call. The Solar-powered LED Lamp goes for Php 416.

Buy the Solar Power LED Lamp here

We’ve also included some additional items that you can also fit into your emergency kit:

Emergency Mylar Blanket

Mylar blankets provide reflective heat insulation. It’s designed to keep you warm in spite of its lightweight material. Its reflective material makes you easy to spot from a distance if you need to signal for help. These blankets go for just Php 54.

Buy the Emergency Mylar Blanket here

NatureHike Microfibre Magic Towel

A Microfibre towel is an easy-to-pack towel that dries fast. The microfibre make of this towel is highly absorbent so it doesn’t get as bulky as typical towels do. Plus it doubles as a blanket when dry. NatureHike’s Microfibre Magic Towel costs Php 200 for the 80x40cm variant and Php 480 for the 130*73cm variant

Buy the NatureHike Microfibre Magic Towel here

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  1. I’ve had a bad experience with Leetec, I’ve bought their flashlights and all of them are not working now. Get from a reputable brand, locally, I’ve tried firefly, which I believe is a sub brand of GE.

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