5 Juicy Videos to Wet Your Appetite for the New iPhone X

by Carlo Ople  September 10, 2017

Apple’s annual iPhone reveal event is just a few days away. In typical tech fashion though we pretty much know almost everything that they will launch due to the leaks that kept on surfacing online in the last few months. The last iOS firmware leak was the biggest, revealing names, features, and even a new LTE Apple Watch (click to read).

To keep the hype and your excitement going, we’ve curated 5 great features on the new iPhone. They’re from our favorite tech YouTubers, Apple fan sites, and tech news outfits. Watch them all below.

In this video from WIRED, we see the evolution of the iPhone.

Our 2 favorite YouTubers review prototypes of the iPhone 8.

All the latest leaks gathered by MacRumors in one video.

EverythingApplePro compares the Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone X.

September 12. Just a few days away. As usual, stay glued to this space as the new updates come from Apple!

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