AKG K511 Stereo Headphones Review (Php2,099)

AKG K511 Stereo Headphones Review (Php2,099)

AKG K511 Review

AKG K511 REVIEW: This one’s hot folks! Got get one!

If you’re in the market for budget-friendly cans that offer great value for your money then you simply have to put the AKG K511 at the top of your list. We didn’t know the price while we were reviewing this and when we asked the distributor for the details after we had our impressions written down, we were just blown away. The AKG K511 sells for just Php2,099, making it one of the most affordable stereo headphones that deliver great sound quality and a comfortable listening experience. Read on for our full review!

Excellent build quality: Looks good and very comfortable

AKG K511 looks sweet!

The AKG K511 uses lightweight but durable plastic for the headband and the over-all structure. The form factor combined with the comfortable foam in the ear pads makes it ideal for long listening sessions. It’s actually a perfect pair of cans to put on while you’re on your desk for extended periods of time in the office or at home.

It has a self-adjusting headband as well which means you don’t have to manually adjust the ear cups for a perfect fit to your head. There are no knobs, buttons, or other contraptions needed for you to manipulate. Just put it on and it will shape itself to the contours of your head.

Side view of the AKG K511.

Everything considered, the AKG K511 passes with flying colors when it comes to design and comfort. It’s really hard to believe that this just costs Php2,099!

Good bass response and natural vocals

As expected for anything that comes from AKG, the sound quality of the K511 is great considering the price you’re paying for it. You get excellent, powerful, hard-hitting bass which you normally don’t get in headphones in the same price category. Add to that the natural vocals, the crisp treble, and wide soundstage and you have a winner.

After listening to various genres of music for hours on this, we can confidently say that the K511 can match the sound quality of other average cans in the 3k-3.5k price range. It truly shines though when you use it when watching your favorite movies or TV series on your computer, laptop, or tablet (because of the sound stage and the natural “airy” signature).

If you’re looking for headphones for Php2,000, look no further!

I’m still kinda scratching my head in disbelief that the K511 just sells for Php2,099. It’s a grade upgrade from your stock iPhone/iPod earphones and those generic sub-Php1,000 headphones you buy from computer stores. It won’t be enough for hardcore audiophiles but it’s definitely a great buy for those who want to get more out of their music and videos.

Two thumbs up AKG! You guys have a hot one!

Two thumbs up from Unbox!



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