AKG K830 Bluetooth Headset Review

REVIEW: AKG K830 BT Headset

REVIEW: AKG K830 Bluetooth Headset

The most annoying thing about headphones and earphones are the cables. It tangles easily and it limits the distance between you and the media player. However these cables are quite essential since it’s where the music moves from the media player to your ear, which means the quality of the cable used actually has an effect on the quality of the sound being produced. If you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of sound quality in exchange for the convenience of having no wires, then bluetooth headsets are the way to go. As far as bluetooth headsets go, the AKG K830 BT is among one of your top choices. Not only does it look good, it also delivers better sound quality than most bluetooth headsets.

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Convenient, easy-to-use, and looks cool

The AKG K830 BT is made from durable black glossy plastic which gives it a deep black shine. The outer face of the ear cups have the controls: play, next, previous, stop, and answer/end call. The mini-USB port for charging is also located in the lower part of one of the cups. The headband is padded which helps in giving more comfort for long listening sessions. Lastly you have very soft ear pads that easily don’t get hot after an hour or two of use.

The AKG K830 BT in the flesh! Rawr!

Connecting the headset to your mobile device is easy. Just press down on the answer/end call button for several seconds until the LED indicator flashes blue and green alternatively. Turn on bluetooth on your device and just connect. It will take a few seconds but eventually the light will stabilize which means you’re already connected.

For added portability you can fold the ear cups inward, which reduces the over-all size, and then just easily slide it in the black pouch that comes in the box. Bluetooth headsets are meant to be used on-the-go so this is definitely a must.

Fold inwards for portability
Great for mobile devices since you can take calls on it and listen to your music.

Call quality is great

One aspect of the product that AKG did well on was the call quality. The voice on the other line comes out very clear and the ear pads do a good job of noise isolation so that you hear the person you’re talking to even if you’re walking down a busy street filled with people.

Sound quality is better than most BT headsets, but not as good as wired headphones

And now we reach the Achilles’ Heel of the AKG K830 BT. First let me just say that compared to other bluetooth headsets, and we’ve tried several already, the sound quality of the AKG K830 BT is definitely superior. The mids are clearer, the bass is more pronounced and tight, and the highs warmer. However if you compare it to a wired headphone the difference is too obvious in favor of the wired headphones.

If you don’t mind the sound quality difference in wired though then you might want to go for this given the convenience and “techie” points you get since it’s wireless.

Pricing and Availability

The AKG K830 BT retails a bit on the high side for Php12,990. If you’re looking for a high-end, premium, and good bluetooth headset, then this one is for you. AKG did a great job with the available technology, pushing the limits of what you can do with audio and bluetooth so I definitely have to give them props.

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