AMD Reportedly Gets License to Supply Chips to Huawei

AMD Reportedly Gets License to Supply Chips to Huawei

An executive claims they are not affected by the US Trade Ban

With the US Trade Ban in effect, Huawei is barred access from TSMC and Samsung’s foundries, forcing Huawei to limit its production of Kirin chips. While some of its recently-launched phones make use of MediaTek processors, the Trade Ban might also affect them—though it has reportedly applied for a license to supply chips to Huawei. Aside from MediaTek, other companies like Samsung and SMIC have applied for a license as well.

In an interesting development, AMD said that it has secured a license from the Commerce Department and will not be affected by the Trade Ban. “Based on the licenses that we’ve been able to secure, we don’t expect to see a significant impact on our business at this time from any of those [U.S. regulations] actions,” AMD Senior Vice President and General Manager Datacenter and Embedded Solutions Group Forrest Norrod said in a statement.

While AMD is not certain yet on what products it can sell nor did it specifically mentioned Huawei, Norrod’s statement does confirm that the US Commerce Department is giving out licenses to companies for doing business with firms under the Entity List. “I would anticipate that we’ll continue to be able to have access within the restrictions that we need to service our customers,” Norrod adds.


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