Here’s Your First Look at Android 12

It will be a complete visual makeover

While we are waiting for Android 11 to be rolled out to supported devices, Google is starting to work on Android 12, and this early look from XDA Developers shows that the next major Android update will have a complete visual makeover.

These mockup images, which is reportedly from an alleged early draft of an internal Google Document, shows a fully revamped notification UI where the transparency is replaced with a light beige background, and that the notification icons have more rounded corners. The Quick settings tiles are bigger, with only 4 tiles per row.

Like with iOS 14, you get privacy indicators (when the camera or microphone is being used) on the top right corner. The date and time positions have been swapped for well. The privacy indicators are very noteworthy as Google aims to improve privacy features on Android, taking cues from iOS 14. The Privacy settings will now have toggles to disable camera and microphone access when needed.

Rounding up the possible changes in this Android 12 early look are the widget selections, which draws in inspiration from how Apple implemented widgets from iOS 14. Highlighted here is the Conversations widget, which highlights the latest message, missed call, or activity status. This particular widget will reportedly be a mandatory feature to all Android 12 devices just like with the camera and microphone indicators on the top right corner.

While XDA Developers can’t fully verify the authenticity of these screenshots, their source has shared various confidential documents with them so these screenshots should give you a picture of what is to come with Android 12 later this year.

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