Apple TV (2nd Generation)

by Carlo Ople  March 6, 2011

Apple TV (2nd Generation) is basically a media player/streaming device that works seamlessly with your MacBook and iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad). You connect it to your LCD/LED TV via HDMI and just watch all your media via your WiFi network. There’s no need for storage since you’ll be pulling your content from your devices.

Other than streaming, the Apple TV also lets you watch YouTube videos on your big TV! This is a great watching experience since for some weird reason the Apple TV downloads movies on Youtube faster than when you try streaming it on your laptop/PC (personal experience). Note that you can also use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch as a remote control which makes it even waaaay cooler. It’s also built-in with front row so you can watch trailers online of the latest movies.

Another use for the Apple TV is if you have friends coming over who want to share media with you. They can just use AirPlay to show it through your home theater system.

The biggest drawback of the Apple TV though is that you can only watch movies that are in your iTunes Library. This means that all the movies that you downloaded in AVI, MKV, etc. will have to be converted to formats that can be played in iTunes.

Photo by CrunchGear

The Apple TV is also ridiculously small. Check out the side-by-side photo above with the iPhone 4. It’s literally just a small black box that you connect to your TV. Great design once again by Apple.

The Apple TV (2nd Generation) comes with an aluminum Apple Remote Control. It sells for $99 USD or roughly P4,500-P5,000. Sadly it isn’t available locally yet through Apple resellers so you’ll have to be creative in trying to get a unit.

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