ASUS Announced A Backpack With RGB Lighting, Because Of Course They Did

Will the madness never end?!?

Did you ever feel that your daily toil would be enhanced by customizable, multicolor LEDs flashing before your eyes? If your answer is yes, then congratulations – you’re probably the target demographic of ASUS’ new ROG Ranger BP3703 backpack.

Like the photo suggests, the backpack has a ROG logo and a LED stripe that uses the company’s AuraSync tech. This allows the wearer to customize the lighting via an Android app that connects their phone using Bluetooth.

If you’re not a fan of taking your phone to do that, you can switch between 3 lighting profiles via a remote built into the strap of the bag. There are also light sensors in the bag that dims or brightens the LEDs depending on the ambient light. Power is supplied via a power bank embedded into the bag, which can also be tapped by the user to charge their phone if they’re running low on power.

As far as being an actual bag, the Ranger BP3703 has a 20-liter capacity and can fit notebooks up to 17-inches big.

No pricing has been set as of yet for this particular bag.


John Nieves

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