ASUS ROG Swift PG248Q Review: Must Have For NVIDIA Gamers

by John Nieves  November 1, 2016


If you’re the sort of guy that games using an NVIDIA GeForce card, you’re probably looking to take advantage of all the features your shiny new GPU offers. One of more useful features of NVIDIA graphics cards nowadays is G-Sync, a feature that allows dynamic refresh rates that match the one from your GPU. ASUS has been releasing gaming monitors with the tech since it launched back in 2014, and today we’re taking a look at their latest one: the ROG Swift PG248Q. As part of the company’s ROG lineup the new gaming monitor promises to deliver blazing fast refresh rates, G-Sync capability and ridiculous 1ms response time.

Toned down gaming look, but still has plenty of features


The design of the 24-inch, full HD Swift PG248Q isn’t as gaudy as other gaming monitors in the market. To its credit it only has one LED light, a circular one located at the bottom of the stand. The bezels aren’t the thinnest in the market but they’re not overly thick either. The Swift PG248Q can rotate, pivot and tilt, which is useful if you want to use it as a secondary display.

As far as connectivity goes, the Swift PG248Q has a DisplayPort and a HDMI port, as well as an earphone jack and two USB 3.0 ports. You can route the cables through the hollowed-out cavity at the rear of the monitor to keep your gaming table nice and tidy.

There’s a multitude of display modes available on the Swift PG248Q, as well as a few overlays that range from useful to useless. The Swift PG248Q has an integrated FPS counter that overlays the current FPS being pumped out by your graphics card, useful if you want to see what kind of numbers you’re getting without running a third party application like Fraps, for example. There’s a Crosshair function that overlays a crosshair at the middle of the display, which may or may not be useful depending on the game that you’re playing.

GameVisual tweaks the display according to what you’re doing at the time, and presets include ones for racing, watching movies, playing RPGs and our most used preset, FPS. There’s also a scenery and sRGB mode should you want it.

Navigating through the menu and the presets is done via a 5-way joystick located at the rear. The main menu gives you all the expected options that a monitor like this presents – you can tweak brightness, color temperature, contrast and saturation via the main menu. There’s also blue light filters available of varying intensity to theoretically help you during long gaming sessions.

So how does it perform? Well, pretty well actually – you can actually tweak the reshresh rate up to 180Hz if you wanted to, which is freaking insane. It’s not the most color accurate monitor around, but then again this particular monitor isn’t for photoshop anyway, so that’s a moot point. The panel’s the TN kind, so you will get some nasty color shift at some angles, but again, TN panels are the choice for gamers for their fast response times. You’re probably looking at the display dead on most of the time, so that color shifting isn’t going to be a huge problem to be honest.

As for NVIDIA’s G-sync tech, well we found it to be useful, since we never really experienced screen tearing, which is what it’s specifically supposed to prevent. Of course you’ll also need to pair it with a half-decent video card as well – though if you have the budget for this thing you probably already have a half-decent gaming machine in your home anyway.

Verdict: An excellent gaming monitor, but it’s going to cost you

If you’re a performance oriented kind of gamer and want to take advantage of every last feature of your graphics card, then you might want to seriously take a look at the ASUS ROG Swift PG248Q. Unfortunately, you’ll be paying quite a pretty penny for that performance – the ASUS ROG Swift PG248Q is priced at Php 28,340, which is quite expensive for a 24-inch display. But considering what you’re getting and the pricing of rival brands that have roughly the same feature spec which go for higher, then the ASUS ROG Swift PG248Q is the logical choice for gamers who want the very best.

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