Asus Zenbook Ultrabook (UX21 and UX31)

The Asus Zenbook Ultrabook hits PH shores!

Asus Zenbook Ultrabook lands in the Philippines!

Yugatech, the top tech blogger here in the Philippines, just broke the news that the Asus Zenbook Ultrabooks UX21 and UX31 are finally launching locally. We’ve been hearing a lot about this line ever since they it got coverage from international tech sites and it’s great to finally see them available here in the Philippines!

MacBook Air... is that you? o.o;

The makers of the Asus Zenbook Ultrabook though definitely took inspiration from the Apple MacBook Air. They really look alike. In terms of desgin the biggest difference is the top cover as well as the aluminum keyboard. By the way, the UX21 has an 11.6″ LCD display while the UX31 runs with a bigger 13.3″.

The Asus Zenbook Ultrabook UX21 SRP is Php53,995 while the UX31 goes for Php59,995.

For more information about the Zenbook, check out Yugatech’s blog!

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