Audio-Technica XS5 Street Style Headphones Review

The ATH-XS5 in the flesh! er... or in the plastic!

We currently have a demo unit of the Audio Technica XS5 Street Style Headphones. I’ve been using it in the last few days listening to various tracks on my iPhone 4 ranging from the soulful Michael Buble to the loud grinding rock of Stone Temple Pilots. My initial impressions of these cans are definitely great! Not only does the ATH-XS5 look sleek, it also produces bassy and clear audio. These are the type of headphones that you won’t mind wearing outside while walking even if they’re on-ear.

In terms of build, the ATH-XS5 has a sturdy dual headband with shiny polished cups. The actual plastic frame is surprisingly light but very durable. In fact we tried to stretch it out wide to see how far it could go before it was strained. Let’s just say that if you’re head was the size of a 13″ MacBook Pro, the ATH-XS5 will still fit!

Do not try this at home 🙂
Audio-Technica XS5: Black dual band support

You can tell from the design and the material that they used that this was meant to be worn outdoors. 🙂

How about the sound quality? Unlike the SJ11, SJ33, or even the RE70, the ATH-XS5 has punchy, thumping bass. If you love listening to disco, pop, hiphop, RNB, and other songs that have a lot of bass the ATH-XS5 is a must try. The only downside to the ATH-XS5 is the detail of the tracks. The bass can become overpowering sometimes and this hampers separation of the instruments and the vocals. If you’re into long guitar rifts and instrumentals this might not be a good buy for you.


Lastly let’s talk about comfort. Personally I love the fit of the ATH-XS5. You wear these angled with the headband diagonally slanted towards the back of your head. This is my favorite way to wear headphones so it was just natural for me to enjoy this a lot without too much ear fatigue.

If you like bass a lot and you listen more to dance, hiphop, pop, and RNB tracks the ATH-XS5 is a good choice. It’s also very durable and fashionable making it ideal for people on-the-go.

The Audio-Technica XS5 retails for around Php4,000. Check out Astro Vision stores for stocks.


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