BlackBerry Teams Up With Google For The Ultimate Android Work Phone

by John Nieves  July 11, 2015

BlackBerry Android

The flexibility of Android with the security of BlackBerry

A few days ago we reported on possible leaked renders of BlackBerry’s upcoming Android phones. Today, we have a confirmation of sorts that the company is indeed making an Android phone aimed at enterprise and business users – both Google and BlackBerry have announced a partnership to create an enterprise-ready version of the Android OS. Essentially, BlackBerry is allowing their BES12 to be integrated into Android 5.0 Lollipop and Google Play for work.

This, combined with the previous leaks and the recent registration of the domain AndroidSecured.com almost certainly point to new Android-powered phones meant for business and enterprise users that require a high level of security and protection. Will this be the new niche where BlackBerry can thrive? We certainly hope so – while we love our plain Android phones, the messaging functionality and productivity experience with BlackBerry is just second to none.

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    Microsoft is doing the same thing somewhat. They all need to get away from the consumer market. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the PC industry is going to die soon. Kahit pa sumikat ang Windows phone (yeah, right!) they won’t survive on handset sales only. Regardless of platform most people will still use Google anyway. Microsoft already teamed up with Yahoo and combined they still can’t make a dent on Google’s armor. Besides, any company that charges $200 a pop for re copied software deserves to die lelz.

    I think hnd pa din pards, nandyn pa ang mga gamers na mahilig mag build ng mga gaming rig. Syempre windows platform pa din un.

    At ano sa tingin mo ang dahilan kung bakit gumagawa na ng phones ang Asus? They can see the future. The smartphone is the Swiss Army knife of gadgets. It practically killed the camera, the iPod and the Walk/disc man, and it’s going to kill a multitude of other things. ako nga never akong bumili ng USB stick. Isa pa yan na mawawala. So I wouldn’t put stock on those mini PCs like the ones from Intel. Di aarangkada yan.

    I loved my Bb 9220 despite its lack of Android functionality because it simply does it job as a communication implent in a stellar level, to the point that I still miss it until today. I’m currently rocking a Sony z1 compact and while I also love it, there’s nothing beating the superb messaging prowess of blackberry. In the end this is wonderful news both forfor os diversity and growth of blackberry.