BlackBerry Venice Handled In New Video

BlackBerry Venice Handled In New Video

BlackBerry Venice
Check out the Venice in action

At this point in time, there’s been so many leaks of the BlackBerry’s Venice that the only thing missing is video of the thing in action. Luckily enough, the folks at Android Authority managed to get their hands on a live, possibly pre-retail unit and created a short, hands-on video of the thing in action.

The hands-on didn’t really show us a lot of new things, but it did reveal another use for the Venice’s slide-out keyboard – aside from allowing you to type really, really fast, the keyboard on the Venice also has a biometric sense touch built-in that allows you to use it as an impromptu scroll wheel when you’re scrolling through websites.

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It’s also rather nice to see Android running on hardware made by BlackBerry. The Canadian company makes great phones and hardware though software really isn’t their strong suite. Anyway, we’re more excited than ever for the Venice – we’re hoping that the company releases this phone in other countries aside from the US.

You can read more about the BlackBerry Venice below:

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