Boomphones Review: Headphones That Are Also Speakers

by Carlo Ople  June 29, 2014

Well this is a first...
Well this is a first…

Boomphones Quick Review

It was only a matter of time before someone thought of doing something like this, lol. The Boomphones are on-ear headphones that have external speakers on the outer face of the ear cups. You can use it as your usual headphones, listening to music intimately by yourself, or you can turn on the external speakers and share the music with people around you. It’s a pretty interesting product proposition but the price (Php4,900+) might be too much for the novelty so we put this quick review together to help people thinking of buying this to make a more informed decision.

As you can see in the photo above, the headphones look absolutely stunning! The designers definitely did a number on this one. The tried and tester white and light gray accents just brings the headphones to life making it a stylish accessory for everyday use. The Boomphones logo also looks sweet on the the outer face of the cups. It’s not as recognizable as the beats logo but this one is like a fourth of what the Beats cans sell for, hehe.

Cool logo.
Cool logo.

To pick between headphones or speakers mode, just toggle the “on” button on the lower side of the ear cup and then press down on the logo. If the light is red the speakers are on. If the light is white it will be on headphones.

Speakers if red.
Speakers if red.
Headphones if white.
Headphones if white.

While the Boomphones delivers in looks and in functionalities, it makes compromises with sound quality. When used as headphones the sounds are muffled and the bass is a bit too wide and overwhelming. If you’re the type that loves listening to tracks with lyrics and acoustics this is definitely not for you. Bassheads can probably get some sort of kick out of this but those looking for pristine highs and warm mids better look for other cans instead.

When you use it as speakers, the volume really isn’t that loud. It can probably be enough for two-three people to enjoy but it will not fill an entire room with music.

Boomphones in-line mic and remote
Boomphones in-line mic and remote

So what’s the verdict? If you’re after the best sound quality you can get with a Php4,900+ budget, this one ain’t for you. If you’re after a simply novel and interesting product though (and you have the cash to burn), then you probably might want to consider the Boomphones.

Boomphones are available at Digital Walker and Beyond the Box stores.

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    I’m quite surprised that this review totally disregarded one main of it’s feature, which is a internal amplifier (when white LED is visible), which puts Beats to shame. And can be rarely seen done right on other brands.

    The muffled vocals and wide bass range can be fixed with a simple EQ App that has Speech/Vocal enhancement, or any apple device that had a EQ feature.. This headphone aren’t for novice users. Since it require some technical know-how to
    make it function as you desire.

    Got this baby for 2500 php only. Original price is almost at 5k. Thank you Digital Walker sa 50% off! Got a Braven 440 din pala at 1,800 (orig price is 3,650). Sweet-sweet deal!