Boostcase for iPhone 4/4S

Boostcase for iPhone 4/4S

Boostcase for the iPhone 4/4S coming to the Philippines

Boostcase for the iPhone 4/4S coming to the PH this week

The iPhone 4S is a stellar piece of hardware. The design is just amazing and the software, iOS 5, is equally as impressive. The only problem with this smartphone is that the battery life is lacking. That’s the main complaint you get from a lot of users. This makes external battery packs more of a necessity these days than just a “want”. The issue with most packs is that they’re too bulky and kinda ruins the design of the iPhone 4S. That’s all about to change though with the Boostcase Hybrid. This product is made up of two components: a thin, stylish, and cool snap-on case and a detachable extended battery pack. If you don’t need the charge yet you have a nice case. If you need it then just insert it to the battery pack! Simple but a very effective idea indeed.

The Boostcase also comes in a variety of colors. To see what’s available head on over to their product site. The Boostcase will be available starting Wednesday at Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Beyond the Box stores. SRP is Php3,550.

We’re going to try to get a review unit so we can let you guys know if this thing can really juice up your iPhone 4/4S.


I just got word from the distributors that they’re having a launch promo for the Boostcase. First 50 customers will receive a limited edition Boostcase shirt! Coolness. List of branches that will carry this accessory in the e-poster below.

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