Canalys: Huawei Outpaces Samsung, Apple In Q3 2019 Growth

The Chinese company is still going strong despite its troubles

Despite a tumultuous year, Chinese brand Huawei is still enjoying robust growth in Q3 of 2019, as the global smartphone market records an increase in overall sales after two years of declining growth.

Huawei recorded increased shipments of its smartphones globally, posting a 29% YoY growth, outpacing its Western rivals Samsung and Apple.

The Korean company recorded an annual growth of just +11%, while Apple had its market share retract yet again, shrinking around -7%. Xiaomi also saw its market share grow smaller by -3%, while OPPO saw a bit of growth at just 6%.

But despite the massive growth, Huawei is still in danger, as many of the shipments that boosted the company’s sales during the period were all pre-Entity List models, like the P30 Lite, which the company shipped 3 million units of.

Canalys Senior Analyst, Ben Stanton, sees the major issue is the company’s post-Entity list models which won’t have Google Services in them because of the current spat between the US and China. Their new Y-series and P-series smartphones are due for a refresh in the next few months, which are major volume drivers for the company. If Huawei doesn’t resolve its issues with the US by then, these phones will also not ship with Google Services in them, just like the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro.

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  1. Yes, those shipped from huawei had google services, after the ban, those will be affected for sure.

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