Can’t Wait For The OTA Marshmallow Update For Your Android One? Here’s Where To Get It


Here’s how to find the factory images for the MyPhone Uno and Cherry Mobile One

A few days ago we told you that some Android One users were already receiving OTA updates for their devices though a majority still hasn’t tasted the sweet, sweet taste of Anroid 6.0, AKA Marshmallow. The folks over at Revu PH managed to track down the factory images for MyPhone’s Uno and Cherry Mobile’s One, which you can then use to force your phone to upgrade to Android 6.0.

A word of warning: we do not recommend doing this if you are a smartphone newbie, but if you’re in the mood for some tinkering, you can grab the factory image for the MyPhone Uno here and the Cherry Mobile One here, and then proceed to follow Revu’s guide here. You’ll need a PC, a spare microSD card and a little bit of courage before you start the process (not to mention the latest Android Lollipop build).


John Nieves

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  1. Guide says it’s an OTA file, not a factory image. Flashing a factory image will wipe out your data while sideloading an OTA file will keep it.

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