Cherry Mobile G2 Watch Hands-on: Low Cost Wearable

Cherry Mobile G2 Watch Hands-on: Low Cost Wearable

Cherry Mobile G2 Watch 05

We go hands-on with the G2 watch from Cherry Mobile!

Aside from the Selfie, Cherry Mobile also sent over their G2 Watch. The G2 Watch is a Cherry Mobile’s successor to their first (and rather flawed) G1, which used a tiny, tiny keyboard as an input method. The G2 relies entirely on its 1.44-inch touch-sensitive LCD display, and now has a design that looks more at home at our wrists.

Cherry Mobile G2 Watch 04

Initial impressions: rather respectable smartwatch that has plenty of functions

We’re not going to lie – while the G2 watch looks better than its predecessor, it still looks quite bulky compared to other smartwatches. It does have this nice oversized watch thing going for it which some people may appreciate.

Cherry Mobile G2 Watch 06

The wristband of the G2 is made out of rubber, and looks to be made from a tough material. It’s rather wide because the G2 cleverly hides the USB charging port at the end of the strap, which makes the G2 easy to charge when its 500mAh battery runs out of juice. There are three buttons on the left side of the device – two white ones for navigation and the black one for unlocking/turning off the watch. The watch is splash proof so you can probably take it with you when you take a bath, but we don’t recommend taking it when you’re slipping into the pool or diving.

Cherry Mobile G2 Watch 02 Cherry Mobile G2 Watch 10 Cherry Mobile G2 Watch 09

There’s a VGA camera on the top of the watch, which you can use to (discreetly) take photos, as much as the 4GB of internal storage will allow. The G2 watch interfaces to your smartphone via Bluetooth and has a pedometer that counts the number of steps that you take, though there’s no companion app included to take advantage of the data accumulated.

Cherry Mobile G2 Watch 03

The Cherry Mobile G2 cost a measly Php 1,899.



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