Cherry Unveils One Cherry Ecosystem

by Duey Guison  September 29, 2020

If you have noticed for the past year, Cherry Mobile has branched out to different products beyond smartphones. They have their own line of anti-pandemic devices, IoT products for our furry friends, their own prepaid mobile service, and their own pocket WiFi roaming device that has been a handy tool for us during overseas coverage.

2018’s Flare Watch is one of the many products that Cherry unveiled, as it broadens its portfolio.

As it celebrates its 11th year in the business (Cherry Mobile was founded in 2009), Cherry is formally launching its One Cherry Ecosystem. Comprising of Cherry Mobile, Cherry Prepaid, Cherry Roam, Cherry Home, and Cherry Pet, all of Cherry’s sub-brands aim to dominate the Philippine market by offering a wide range of products and services—from smartphones to IoT products, to prepaid mobile services—that will cater to its evolving market under a conglomerate.

Part of this rebranding includes an all-new Yin and Yang-inspired logo that encompasses Cherry’s mission to further reach out to the Philippine market through the same value-for-money and quality innovations Cherry is known. for through the years. You have most likely seen this logo when Cherry debuted their Ion air purifier several months ago.

The Cherry Ion is the brand’s first foray in offering products geared towards protecting people from viruses and other germs.

As Cherry expands its horizons, it continues to uphold better customer care and its after-sales through a big number of service centers nationwide, accessible to all its consumers in the country.

The Cherry Roam is one of the brand’s more popular products, as it offered competitive data roaming rates for travelers.

Visit here to know more about Cherry’s diverse range of products.

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