Devant’s Condo TVs Are the Space Saving TVs You Need

Devant’s Condo TVs Are the Space Saving TVs You Need

Devant Condo TV

If you can’t devote a lot of space in your condo for AV stuff then the Devant Condo TV might be up your wheelhouse. The brand launched three different 43-inch models that don’t take up a lot of space and match almost any budget you might have for a primary home entertainment piece. These space-saving TVs were made exactly for small living spaces like condominiums or bedrooms. 43-inches is the sweet spot for TVs, giving enough viewing real-estate for serious binge-watching without eating up too much space.

Devant Condo TV lineup:

Devant Digital LED TV

Devant Condo TV 1Devant 43″ Digital LED TV 43DT001

For the budget-conscious, Devant’s Digital LED TV comes with a built-in ISDB-T receiver which basically lets users enjoy local free-to-air digital channels without having to purchase a separate digital tv box. You don’t get smart TV features and the ability to natively stream Netflix content on it (you’ll have to get a separate device like Google’s Chromecast to do that) but it does come with an array of USB and HDMI inputs.

Devant’s 43″ Digital TV 43DT001 is priced at Php 13,950.

Devant Condo TV 2

Devant 43″ Smart TV 43STV101

If you don’t want to spring from your own Chromecast receiver, you can opt o buy the Devant Smart TV 43STV101 instead. This TV already has Smart TV functionality thanks to the Vidaa U OS, which allows you to use apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and a host of others for just Php 4,500 extra.

Devant’s 43″ Smart TV 43STV101 is priced at Php 18,450

Devant 43″ Smart 4K TV 43UHD201

If you want to get the most value for your hard-earned peso, Devant’s 43-inch Smart 4K TV model has all the features that Devant’s Digital LED TV and basic Smart TV models have with the addition of a 4K display and Bluetooth connectivity that lets you pair apps and even listen to music even while the TV monitor is off. Considering the features on tap, its price is a relative steal, at just Php 20,450.

Every purchase of a Devant Condo TV comes with a free wall bracket and digital antenna so you can maximize your space by mounting these Condo TVs to your wall. You can avail of Devant’s Condo TVs from Devant retailers, appliance stores, as well as from their flagship online stores on Lazada or Shopee.

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