Ditto is a Simple, No Frills Wearable That’s Nearly Indespensible


No screens, no strap, no complications

Look at wearables today and you’ll see a pattern – overly complex, clunky and expensive gadgets that usually add to an already complicated suite of devices. It’s pretty refreshing then, to see a product like the Ditto – a simple wearable that has no display, no strap yet is still one of the most innovative devices we’ve seen.

Ditto 1

The brainchild of Bob Olodort, the Ditto has no buttons or switches on it. It connects via a companion app that’s dowbloadable via Android or iOS and only has a powerful vibrating motor inside. The way Ditto works is simple – you can program it to vibrate when someone calls you, sends you email, etc.. You can choose who gets to trigger Ditto’s vibration feature – your significant other, your boss, your parents – and can assign how the ditto vibrates depending on who calls – a long one for your boss, two short ones for your partner – alerting you immediately that you have a call, or email (or other alerts).

Ditto 2

Aside from that, Ditto can also warn you if your phone goes out of range (if you accidentally leave it in a restaurant, it vibrates). Olodort is aiming Ditto at women, who usually don’t hear their phones when they stuff it inside their bags. Like most wearables, the Ditto is water resistant and can be thrown in the shower without worrying about it. The Ditto is powered by a single replaceable battery that lasts for more than four months.

Ditto is expected to ship next year and will have a price of $29. You can check out the Kickstarter here.


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