Don’t Drop The iPhone X: Screen Repairs Will Cost You Almost Php 15K, Out-of-warranty Repair Costs Php 28K

by John Nieves  October 30, 2017

That’s a ridiculously expensive display

Looking to grab Apple’s almost all-screen iPhone X? Well, you better treat that thing like your newborn child – if that phone is out-of-warranty, you’ll be paying a kingly sum to have that phone repaired. You’re looking at $279 or Php 14.3K for an out-of-warranty repair of the display if you somehow damage the screen, which is enough to buy you a decent mid-range phone already.

If that wasn’t bad enough, any and all out-of-warranty repairs for the phone will cost you $549 or Php 28.2K. Prospective buyers for the iPhone X really need to consider taking up Apple on their AppleCare+ service, as it cuts down your out of pocket costs considerably if something happens to your brand-new phone. You will still have to pay $29 or Php 1.4K to replace the screen even with AppleCare+, and $99 or Php 5.1K for any work that’s outside of your phone’s warranty on top of the $199 or Php 10.2K that you’re paying for the warranty. 

That’s on top of the $999 or Php 51.4K cost of the iPhone X when you buy it. Apple’s AppleCare+ is a necessary evil for iPhone X buyers, since you really don’t want to pay out of pocket for all of those repairs if something happens to your phone. In case you haven’t guessed yet, that’s another $199 on top of the $999 base price of Apple’s new flagship. 

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    That’s Totally Outragious Damaging All Star repair cost or T.O.D.A.S. Mato-TODAS ka pag nasira iphone x mo. hehehe….