eGov Super App Now Available: How to Register

eGov Super App Now Available: How to Register

After the DICT previewed the app months ago, those who want to give the eGov Super App a try can now download it via Google Play or Apple App Store. To recap, the eGov Super App aims to streamline government transactions by having a single app where you can do them. We downloaded the app, and while it’s in beta mode, you can register and create your own account. Here’s a quick guide on how to register at the eGov app:

How to register at the eGov app:

  • Input your phone number and set your MPIN
  • Verify your personal information
  • Take a live selfie

Input your phone number and set your MPIN

To start setting up your account, you will need to input a phone number (preferably one that’s registered under your name), then the app will send an OTP to verify that the number you are trying to register is indeed yours. From there, you will be asked to input

Verify your personal information

After inputting your phone number and MPIN, you will be brought over to the homepage of eGov, where you are greeted by a pletora of icons that link out to different government websites that are supported by the app. You will also get a pop-up at the bottom to verify your account–click that to start the process.

From here, you will need to input your personal information like you full name, date of birth, email, and address.

Take a live selfie

After inputting your information, the app will ask you to take a live selfie, which works similarly to how Apple’s FaceID verifies your face based on our experience. It takes around 10 seconds to do the face verification before you will be asked if you are ok with the selfie that was taken by the app.

You can start exploring the app

After you performed all the verification checks, you can now freely explore the eGov Super App. Do note that your registration at the app also doubles as a Philsys ID (aka National ID), so the app is something you should have in case you have yet to receive your  National ID.

The blue icon in the bottom middle of the home page serves as your digital Philsys ID, and you can supplement it with other valid IDs like a Driver’s License and Passport. Aside from that, you can opt to use your fingerprint authentication instead of an MPIN if you want a more seamless way of logging in.

Have you tried the app? What are your thoughts about the eGov Super App so far?

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