FedEx Is Suing The US Government Because Of Huawei

by John Nieves  June 25, 2019

It can’t police every single package to adhere to the ban

While FedEx is complying with the US blacklist on Chinese manufacturer Huawei just like every other US-based company, it’s fed up and is now suing the US government and is arguing that it shouldn’t be required to enforce federal government export bans.

This comes after packages meant for Huawei were diverted a few days ago, and a smartphone shipment from the UK by a third party did not reach its intended recipient.

FedEx said in a statement that the US Export Administration Regulations “violate common carriers’ rights” by making delivery companies liable for shipments that may violate US restrictions. “FedEx is a transportation company, not a law enforcement agency,” the statement said.

The regulations essentially “deputizes” FedEx to police packages sent by its customers to make sure it adheres to the export ban, something that obviously isn’t economically viable considering the sheer amount of packages that the company handles every day.

FedEx isn’t the first company to push back against the US Government’s blacklist on Huawei. Google earlier said that the government’s ban on Huawei can lead to more security risks as the Chinese company creates their own version of Android, adding to the already fragmented nature of the mobile operating system.


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