FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifiers

You’re probably thinking why would you need amplifiers for your headphones right? So before anything else let me explain why there’s a need for products like the FiiO E5. Basically you’re not getting the best sound quality you can out of your headphones and iPod because when you increase the volume to higher levels the sound gets compressed. Headphone amplifiers like the FiiO E5 will basically do the work of the amplification circuitry of your player. This gives you much better audio! The difference is very noticeable and words cannot do justice to it. I recently bought a FiiO E5 myself and I can’t listen to music anymore on my iPhone 4 without the amp connected. ^^;

FiiO E5 Headphone Amps - Portable and Affordable

There are a lot of amps available in the market that come in different sizes, features, and prices. The most affordable that I’ve seen that gives great value is the FiiO E5. It only costs Php1,200 and it can make your headphone listening experience much better. The FiiO E5 looks like an Apple iPod Shuffle (complete with clip). It’s very easy to use. Just plug in your headphones to it and plug it to your player. You’ll notice significant improvement when you start playing tracks (you can also boost the bass using the EQ). In terms of power you can charge it via USB.

If you love listening to music I strongly recommend that you take a look at this product. You have the option of testing it first before buying anyway (Go go Gadgets Store along Broadway/Gilmore). The FiiO E5 sells for Php 1,200 and comes in silver or black.

Carlo Ople

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