Check Out These Photos Taken Using the Find X7 Ultra

Check Out These Photos Taken Using the Find X7 Ultra

As one of the best camera phones in the market, the OPPO Find X7 Ultra packs a lot of hardware and software to make it a compact tool for your travel photography needs. With a combination of OPPO’s next-generation HyperTone Image engine and a quad-camera system, the Find X7 Ultra has all the tools one needs to take great photos.


The Find X7 Ultra’s quad-camera system features four key focal lengths to suit the needs of most travel photographers: 14mm (ultra-wide), 23mm (main), 65mm (short periscope), and 135mm (long periscope). The Find X7 can also offer a range of 270mm and beyond with its high-quality digital zoom.

The Find X7 Ultra’s ultra-wide camera is great for taking breathtaking landscapes. The main camera, on the other hand, utilizes a second-generation 1-inch Sony sensor for class-leading detail and dynamic range at a popular 23mm focal length.

The Find X7 Ultra is the first of its kind to have two different periscope cameras. Its short periscope has a 3x optical zoom or 65mm focal length equivalent for taking portraits to get closer with the subject. Should you need extra reach, the Find X7 Ultra’s long periscope has a 6x optical zoom or a 135mm focal length equivalent that makes it ideal for capturing subjects from afar. You also get in-sensor cropping to produce images at a 10x zoom or 225mm focal length equivalent that still packs a lot of detail.

The Find X7 Ultra also utilizes OPPO’s partnership with Hasselblad, and its Portrait mode simulates the look of Hasselblad’s popular lenses that include XCD 3.5/30mm, XCD 2.8/65mm, XCD 1.9/80mm, and XCD 2.8/135mm. Making Hasselblad Portrait Mode powerful is that it can take photos of subjects as far as 9 meters away and still deliver a solid background separation–like it was taken by a professional camera.

As a smartphone that can take professional quality shots, the Find X7 Ultra also has Hasselblad Master Mode, which confuses it with the characteristics of the X2D 100C medium format camera. This mode gives you full freedom to adjust ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, and more. If that’s not enough, RAW MAX lets you capture photos with a 16-bit color depth and 13 stops of dynamic range at 50 megapixels. This mode is optimized for Adobe Lightroom, giving you extra headroom for post-processing.

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